The Podcast

 Jessie is adding a Podcast as another way to stay updated on stories from the ranch. Jessie reflects each week on rural living, its characters, heartbreaks, triumphs, absurdity and what it means to live and love in the middle of nowhere, which to Jessie and her cast of characters, is the middle of everything. In addition to reading her column, expect special guests, music, and conversation to go along with each story.

Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or the link below.

The Promise of a Greener Summer Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

This week it's all about the rain and the rain and the rain. After a long dry spell in Western North Dakota, the sky broke the silence and dropped almost five inches in a few days, filling the dams, cricks, and our hope. Jessie reflects on the stories we tell and the memories we revisit when the sky opens up. Catch her original song, Raining, at the end of the episode and download it at or wherever you get your music.  More at — Support this podcast:
  1. The Promise of a Greener Summer
  2. A Slice of Rural Life at the Local Cenex
  3. Lessons in life and heartbreak on the ranch

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