North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park

People, Places and Things to Learn and Do in the North Dakota Community

  • Learn about McKenzie County, ND home of Watford City and many unique and friendly businesses
  • Watford City, ND is the portal city to the North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park
  • On your way to visit the Veeder Ranch, learn about more exciting ND vacations at North Dakota Tourism
  • Take advantage of  the cultural programming offered by the North Dakota Humanities
  • Support the arts in ND with the North Dakota Council on the Arts
  • Check out the art and cultural event happenings in North Dakota at CulturePulse
  • Learn about what North Dakota Parks have to offer
  • Visit the self-syndicated newspaper column about life on Great Plains
  • Ryan Taylor is a fourth generation rancher from Towner, N.D., author, rope spinner and advocate for the ranching lifestyle.
  • North Dakota Prairie Public Radio (tune in to catch me musing on ranch life a few times a month!) /radio

North Dakota Blogs:

Hang it on the Line My neighbor–she writes, she takes photos, she designs and she makes beautiful things.

Liz Taylor Columns Ryan Taylor shares his late mother’s newspaper columns starting from 1980.

The Blank Rectangle An exploration into North Dakota and who we are.

Rhubarb and Venison A North Dakota food blog? You betcha.

Rushridge  A freelance writer, photographer and horsewoman.

Pinke Post Traveling, cooking, prairie mom of 3 on a 5th generation family farm.

Don’t Eat Crap A ND girl who enjoys healthy cooking and staying fit. 

Like minded neighbors:

My Fluffy Bunnies I’m not a mom, but when I am, I want to write haikus about it like this woman.

The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife My neighbor to the south.

9 thoughts on “Links

  1. I live in Texas now but I grew up in North Dakota. I was wondering about the horses. Are they just turned loose to forage for themselves in the winter or is feed put out for them? I have heard that in the “early days” when settlers first came to N.D that that is what was done–that in the winter everybody just turned their horses loose. I enjoy your blog very much.

    • Great question Lois. This winter we let the horses out into a field where they munched on alfalfa hay bales left there all winter and could venture down to the barn for water if they needed to. The horses around here can fend for themselves pretty well. As long as the snow isn’t too deep they can paw and get to the grass under the snow. This winter they needed a little extra feed because of the uncommon snow fall. Our horses cleaned up the bales and look pretty fat and happy to me…fat and happy and ready for spring (just like me).

  2. Jessie – I can’t wait to hear your music and I’m hoping I can get a sample online? Please let me know how?
    I went to my undergrad in Vermillion, SD, and traveled to the Badlands to go camping and relax – a truly natural heaven on earth. I’m now a follower and will be reading, so please keep writing, taking pics, and singing. Thanks again.

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