Old Homestead

My dad emailed me these photos this morning after we visited last night about where the old homestead was located-just below the house where we are currently living. This house, my house, where my dad and his brother and sister grew up, was actually moved from its original location to its current location on a basement when my dad was 10 years old (so 45 years ago dad? Give or take a few). It was only then they had running water and a toilet in the house. He told me that he was so upset to have to move from an area with plenty of trees that he took it upon himself to work on landscaping, hauling trees in a bucket from nearby pastures (quite revealing of his character, even at that age). He’s proud to say that many of his transplant trees are thriving today.

The photos and his message:

“The first picture is your great grandpa Eddy standing in the door of his tarpaper shack below your house where I pointed out last night. He eventually built a house around that. It had a cool porch that a milk cow chased me into one day when when I went to get the milk cows. Kerry (sister) and I got chased home.  The cow’s name was appropriately “Dummy”. Kerry would remember this, as she outran me!

The second pic is Grandpa Pete, you can see the butte east of him so it was taken close to the lilac bushes.”

2 thoughts on “Old Homestead

  1. I saw the second photo and thought it was dad at first. Grandpa Pete and dad always look so much alike to me. Fantastic site, Jess! I love our family history and am so proud of the Veeder place and the wonderful family that developed from this very place. It makes me smile and get heartsick for everyone when I read your site.

    • ahhh, thanks for reading Ash. I am glad you like it and hope it brings back many good memories. We are blessed to have this place in the family. Come back home anytime. Can’t wait to see you in October. Happy wedding planning!

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