Weekend Ride

It was a gorgeous weekend at the ranch and wanted to share some photos of moving horses between the two places. It’s a simple chore,  but I love summer evenings when the light is disappearing slowly, casting dramatic shadows across the landscape. Truly a breathtaking backyard if I do say so myself.

Chad moving equipment

Attempting a simple swing on.

Another approach

Failed. I guess I'll just walk to the barn and get the saddle with the understanding that I'm not what I used to be (although, I blamed it on my too-tight pants). The mare is not enthused, as you can see here.

The guys and the mule taking it slow down the road

Critter trail

Taking the long way. Can you see the moon?

Mushroom Tree


My view. Always a bit behind, I bring out the slow in horses. Fine for a leisurely ride, but never won me any buckles.

Almost there

Coming into the yard

Settling in


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