How I know it’s hunting season

Ok, we are deep into deer hunting season around here.

And just in case I didn’t notice that the men in this area have all suddenly grown full on beards and taken to driving ten miles an hour down the roads dressed in camo head to toe with their orange hats on their dashboards and their faces smashed against the windows of their pickups, I would like to present to you how I have been made well aware of the season in my quiet little corner of the world…you know, in case I had no idea:

First things first, I am reminded in my bathroom when I reach for my wedding rings in my pretty little soap dish.

Good morning sunshine.

I am reminded when I go to get dressed and am shocked that husband has indeed hung up his hunting pants. Nice and neatly might I add.

I guess he respects the camo.

I am reminded in the entrance to our house when I go to greet a knocking UPS man.

Cause nothing says “Welcome to our home!” like a gun and a case of camouflaged beer.

And no you’re eyes are not fooling you, that is camouflaged beer. And I am reminded once again of my place in this world when I find it in my fridge:

“Cold as a mountain stream and as refreshing as its name….”

Or don’t find it in my fridge… I know I put it in here somewhere…maybe near the not-so-fresh-anymore half and half and coffee creamer. If only it weren’t so cleverly disguised…

Oh there it is! Phew, I was getting thirsty for that cold mountain stream.

Good thing Busch added a little blaze orange or I would have died of thirst…or shot it! Oh, I could have accidentally shot it.

Good Lord.

And I am reminded on my evening commute as the radio plays the following ballad…

…and when I slam on my brakes while this creature looks for an quick escape from the sausage factory:

And I yell: “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!”


Then, taking lessons from the Busch can, promptly puts on his camo vest and disappears into the brush.

Now, let’s test out your sportsman skills and see if you can spot him in the photo above.

Winner gets a case of camouflage beer….

….that is if I can find it….

Good luck hunters. There’s only a few days left of this blessed season!

In case you needed a reminder.

9 thoughts on “How I know it’s hunting season

  1. I was laughing and fuming at this because this is exactly my life, right down to the gun at the front door! We have bullets on counters, camo hung up, and gun at the door. I showed dh and he saw the gun picture and said, “Oh, flinlock!”. ~shrug~

    Oh, and the deer is half way up, just to the right of the middle.

      • *sigh* I bet money that Busch won’t even send the camo ones to Canadian liquor stores because even I think those cans are cool. But it’s not meant to be. I’ll just wait, camo-can beerless, for the season to be over in exactly 11 pre-dawns and evenings.

  2. Camouflaged beer. HM…………My father always believed in no drinking while hunting. This may help. That deer was beautiful–big enough to be an elk. My ND family is out deer hunting near Mott. Good luck and enjoy all that venison sausage and jerky.

  3. Yep, altho I would have said 3/4 of the way across 🙂 no problem spotting that. I don’t live in ND anymore 😦 but my extended family that is hunting is in the NE corner of the state. Hunting right down to the kids the youngest girl is 8 and she has a pink 22 and her younger brother that is hunting just turned 6. Of course they are teamed up with adults and there are some good hearted wagers. I think the oldest hunter is 78 and is very competetive also.

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