A quick Christmas recap (with some humiliation splashed in)

Outside the Christmas window

And now, a quick recap of a Very Veeder Christmas so you can all move on with your lives and wait, with bated breath, for the next dramatic adventure of the ranch pug in bad outfits, or weather report that involves more snow, or photos of tiny birds far away because I lack the appropriate sneaking skills.

And also because I promised you I’d let you know how the cheese ball turned out.

Ok, here we go:

This was the tree. My momma’s famous tree. A tree that only tipped over once during the season due to that one last bulb that set it over the edge. Yeah, surprisingly it wasn’t the evil cat.

Because the devil cat was too busy hanging out in this bag…

This is utter humiliation and annoyance and all of the things that are so awkward and wonderful about the holidays. Please note and oooh and aahhh over my holiday vest.

And these are the gifts, sure to provide hours of entertainment and complete happiness:

For little sister, a shiny new ukulele. To which she exclaimed with glee: “What? A ukulele? Oh my, oh my, oh my I had no idea! I will never put it down. Ever. I’ll prove it to you. All. Christmas. Day.”

“So many possibilities! We should put on a Christmas Ukulele Concert! And this will be our album cover when we take it to the streets.”

“But first I better learn a chord…oh man…I need to Google this shit…”

And a gift for Cowboy:

…now get your butt back in the kitchen.

Yes, the kitchen, where we feasted on prime rib, mashed potatoes, cranberries, smoked turkey, broccoli salad, sweet potatoes, and Cowboy’s famous cookie salad.

This is the table:

And upon this table a reindeer shaped cheese ball was born…

…and about one second after this photo was snapped, his head fell off.

But don’t worry, it was promptly reattached and relocated to the fridge…

…where it fell off again.

And so did his nose.

And for a moment I thought Christmas was ruined.

Until this came traipsing through the kitchen.

Bwahahahahhaahahaahaha! (Oh, and I’m in so much trouble)

Ok. Sorry. Moving on.

So after an uncooperative, but delicious reindeer shaped cheese ball was consumed, a beautiful feast with friends and family, a couple glasses of Santa’s Surprise (my famous cocktail…which was actually a Sex on the Beach, but that was deemed an inappropriate title for a Christmas drink) we headed outside to burn off some calories before the inevitable pie and cookie gorge.

The posse: My mother in law, father in law, pops and little sister…

Oh and don’t be alarmed, that is not Freddy Kruger on the snowmobile. That is husband.

He didn’t want to get cold.

Ok, this is the beginning of a sledding race between Freddy, I mean, husband and little sister…

…and this is how it ended…

This is pops demonstrating the depth of the snow…a severe situation…

…and this is what happens when you lose your sled at the bottom of the hill in these circumstances…

..turns out you also lose your arms and the bottom part of your legs. Poor pops, how’s he gonna eat pie now?

This is more holiday humiliation:

I think I heard him whisper “sweet mercy…” but I can’t be sure…

Oh Christmas. There is no better season…

…for love crashing down a snow covered hill…

…wearing sparkling bows as fashionable hair accessories…

…crowd pleasing performances…


…and humiliation…

Speaking of, let’s see that ukulele performance one more time!

Hope you had a great one!

Love you all.

7 thoughts on “A quick Christmas recap (with some humiliation splashed in)

  1. OMG!!!!
    Again my head risked explotion from contained laughter!!
    If you were my sister I would kill you for that video, but since you´re not, I thank you…… hahahahahahahahahahaha and twice??, why would you to that!!! hahahahaha (stomach ake!)

    The bows are nice.. they look good specially for a new fashion statement in the showbiz where your sister I´m sure will be famous (because you know what video right?)

    And the husband…… ok, that just made my day! Oh the wonderful recipes WE are going to make with that !!!!
    Get in the kitchen NOW cowboy, NOW!!!!

    Love to all of you funny and nice people from Bogotá.
    And may all your wishes for 2011 come true !


  2. Wow–the chrome Kitchen Aid mixer–better and newer than mine. And, kitty looks so evil and Chug looks like a humiliated buddha. I hope Alex learns to play the ukelele so she can join you and pops. Looks like you had fun and your wonderful family is sure to have a Happy New Year. I have tons of cookbooks. Would you like one or two?

  3. Hilarious! So I just discovered your blog thanks to Beth at Rhubarb and Venison- I picked an older post to check out and how lucky am I?!?!?! Hilarious! I am also a North Dakota girl (Berthold, west of Minot)(now in the big city of Minneapolis) and am looking forward to following along and hearing more about you and the beautiful horizons!

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