Saturday Night

It’s Saturday
It’s late
and we should be in town
Singing to the music from the speakers above the crowd

It’s Saturday
Your hands behind your head
kicked back the way you do
the dog curled up in bed

It’s Saturday
And I’m saying something like “We’re old”
as I slide into my slippers and your sweater
because it’s cold

It’s Saturday
The T.V.’s on
I flip through the stations
you boil water on the stove

And we could warm up the car
or give a friend a call
It’s the weekend after all

But it’s Saturday
and there’s no way
I would trade the nook of your arm
for great seats and half drunk beer

Yes, It’s Saturday
and there’s no way
you could get me out of here

28 thoughts on “Saturday Night

  1. Love this. It’s exactly how I (and I’m sure other Dakotans) feel when the wind is howling outside and the fire is crackling inside.
    Thanks for sharing your gift.

  2. Sharon Endrud told me about your story about Lonesome Willy so I went to your web site and I am hooked. What beautiful stories and pictures. You are truely gifted and blessed. Your stories and pictures make me smile and warms my heart. You are amazing, God bless you and Cowboy….I think I need to try his caramel rolls…….

  3. Your pictures bring out the few redeeming qualities of the raw and seemingly eternal winter season: white landscapes blending with white skies to form seamless white horizons, warm sunbeams cutting through cold windows to join warm climates indoors, and pets cooped up long enough to snap a photo or two : )

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