When the thaw comes…

When the thaw comes

I’ll rip off these clothes

burn my wool sweaters

and boots with the fur

hide the blankets away

and cool down the tea

let the sun touch my bare skin

set the animals free

drown my scarves in the water that rushes the draw

and scream all the cold out my lungs…

when the thaw comes…

when the thaw comes…

when the thaw comes…

38 thoughts on “When the thaw comes…

  1. Jessie nice pictures and good thoughts. It also reminded me to thaw some elk steaks for supper….keep up your efforts. look forward to meanwhile….episode.

  2. I totally feel where you’re coming from. I have written a couple of wintery poems too, I can’t wait for Spring! Love how the pictures created a pause between lines and helped illustrate your points.

  3. Now that’s what’s in my mind … waiting for the summer with impatience .. as you said to scream the cold out my lungs ..Lovely one and the images stunning!

  4. what an AWESOME piece 🙂 I hate to wish my life away, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of anticipatory celebration of things ot come. I loved this… so much so I am now following 🙂

    be well

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  6. Greetings:

    Hope all is well.

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    Respect and hugs.

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