Reporting from Fargo with thoughts from the ranch…

This weekend I was in Fargo hanging with my little sister and other good friends that reside here in the Red River Valley. And this morning I am still in Fargo to attend the North Dakota Tourism Conference this week and a writer’s workshop today.

Hey, if I make the five hour drive through spring slush, I am going to make the most of it.

And so far I have.

There has been shopping and dinner and dancing to a bluegrass band and hot wings and bottomless mimosas and a private rap concert by my very talented four year old cousin (followed by laughing until I literally almost peed my pants).

So that’s what I call a good weekend.

And I’m looking forward to a great week full of networking and ideas and a little more sunshine please.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….I’ve been told husband bought us our first bottle calf from our neighbor (after some prodding from yours truly) and pops bought another and we will be feeding them this spring to grow them up big and hefty.

I am looking forward to a project that involves being chased around by a large hungry mammal that thinks I am his momma…

Anyway…good day to you and I hope you enjoy it. While you’re out milling around or working in your office or taking care of your babies today tune into North Dakota Prairie Public Radio either on your radio or online and listen to me tell a story about a girl and her horse today at 3:49 pm Central Time.

If you miss it today, the replays can be found on the “Hear it Now” section of the website later in the week. 

And then read the full blog here and imagine yourself on the back of your favorite horse running like the wind, hair tangled, sun shining down and eyes closed tight in a smile: There’s nothing wilder

What a good thought for a blustery spring day.

Oh, and if you feel up for it, in honor of the Tourism Conference, give a shout-out to your favorite North Dakota destination!

Love from Fargo!

15 thoughts on “Reporting from Fargo with thoughts from the ranch…

  1. Greetings from Washington DC. Tell my mom, who is also at the ND Tourism Conference, that I said hello. And in her honor, I’ll give a shout out to the North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

  2. My hometown Aneta’s annual Turkey Barbecue weekend. It’s the 3rd Saturday every June and boasts to be the North America’s largest outdoor turkey barbecue!
    Close second: Medora

  3. Western North Dakota! I grew up near Belfield and now
    live in the lovely state of Arkansas but I still consider Western North Dakota my home. My wife & I volunteered
    two summers in Medora & met some wonderful people and
    had a great time. Medora is a treasure for all of North Dakota.

  4. Wish I’d know u were here..hope u enjoyed our big lake..uff’da. Also hope u had a nice time w/ ur sis and all that jazz. Could u talk to mother nature and bring spring? Take care and be well. Nicole

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