Search: “Pet Addicts Anonymous…”

She’s climbed up my bare leg ten times this morning.

Her shrill voice pierces the quiet country air.

She makes weird growling noises when she eats.

She can jump three times her height.

She’s on the floor…

she’s on the chair…

she’s on the curtains…now she’s under the bed…on top of the bed…in the window…in the dog dish…in the bathtub…aahhhh, she’s biting my toes…now she’s drinking my coffee…what…now where’d she go?

The pug has given up, huffing on the couch, because not even a cat whisperer like him can tame her.

She takes no prisoners, hissing at husband’s attempt to keep her off the coffee table.

Because she will not stay off the coffee table…

or my shoulder…

or my head…

or my lap…

And right now I am whimpering, as she just took a playful swipe at my necklace, leaving my exposed skin scratched and bloody.

Oh, but she’s lovely, she really is.

Especially when she’s bouncing on my computer jfjldkuerm./la’o;//// keys….

Meet Pippi. Pippi the kitten I couldn’t resist.

Pippi the kitten I took from the loving arms of my three little nieces, begging me to give her a good home.

Pippi the kitten responsible for the reason I’m Googling ย “pet addicts anonymous” this morning…

…and “how to say no to small, adorable, children…”

and stocking up on my supply of bandaids.

12 thoughts on “Search: “Pet Addicts Anonymous…”

    • Hi Maribeth, So glad you’re taking the trip to Medora before summer is over. You will be there two weekends too soon to catch me! I’ll be there Sept. 16 & 17…anyway, I imagine you want to catch the musical, I’ve heard it’s great this year.
      The store that was selling my CDs is no longer open ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but you reminded me that I have to get my CDs distributed there again ASAP! But please, let me send you the CDs you want. I can drop them in the mail no problem and you can send me a check at your convenience. My suggestion if you’re looking for original songs and professional arrangements is “A Place to Belong” recorded in Fargo with Barking Dog Records. If you’re looking for the live feel with some recognizable songs, some original, some stories, some mistakes ๐Ÿ™‚ and the band I play with I can send you “Jessie Veeder Live at Outlaws” which was recorded at a concert in Watford City.
      Let me know what you think and if you’d like, send me your address here: and I will drop by the post office.
      Have a blast in Medora!

  1. We had a mess of barn kitties as kids and there always seemed to be one who had more personality than the rest, who climbed up and made herself at home in laps and on arms and around necks. Pippi looks just like that kind of barn kitty I remember .. the kind who eventually “moves on up” and becomes Queen House cat!


    • oh Emjay, this little one started out so innocently, but you described her perfectly with a big personality and a hankering to climb up anything…legs, screens, chairs…She’s testing the great outdoors right now as I couldn’t watch her climb the curtains one more time this morning ๐Ÿ™‚ I am sure we will have a long, frustrating and hilarious life together Pippi and me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ah! So that cat promotion MJ is talking about is a real thing! That happens around here too. She is absolutely gorgeous. You have such great names…at our house she would be called”the grey kitty”.

    • Hahah, Lissa. I love your comment about the names. We still call our two other cats Big Kitty and Little Kitty. My nieces were quick to ensure that I got this one named…and since all our cats are grey, “Grey Kitty” would be too confusing ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Pippi reminds me of Lily as a kitten. Fortunately for the humans and other animals in this house, Lily has discovered a love of the outdoors this summer. But winter is coming again, and I guess we can only hope she’s matured. I think we’re dreaming, but there’s always hope.

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