The years to come…

Dear Husband,

I opened my eyes this morning as the sun moved slowly up over the trees and through our open windows to find you still in bed next to me, your chest rising and falling as you slept beneath the bedding you helped me pick out yesterday in a whirlwind shopping spree to replace the things we lost in the fire.

As I browsed through the department stores’ collection of overpriced and overwhelming choices, you didn’t comment on the color I selected or complain about my affinity for floral patterns. You told me to find what I wanted and patiently walked with me to three different stores as I compared and discussed and asked for your opinion.

I’m sure there were a million other places you would have rather been than in the home section of a furniture store on a beautiful summer Saturday, but I would have never guessed it the way you laughed as we laid down on one on of those ridiculous, foldable, vibrating, computerized, over the top beds they had on display and watched in amazement as I slowly sunk so deep into the foam top I was sure I could never be retrieved.

You grabbed my hands and pulled me into your arms in the middle of the department store and suggested maybe we should concentrate on pillows.

You’re picky about things like pillows, enduringly patient…

And exhausted from a month that set us back on our heels and reminded us every day to keep working, keep moving, keep laughing at the things we can’t control and keep pushing, pushing, pushing through.

Husband, this morning as I watch you dream I have a list a mile long waiting for my feet to hit the floor, but all I want to do today is lay here next to you, surrounded by the walls of a house that’s unfinished but ours.  I don’t want to dig through boxes or paint a wall or make those calls or write those emails. I don’t want to send you off to work in your buttoned up shirt where the world gets you and your steady hands, even temper and unexpected wit.

I want to keep you here for the best part of the day, the part where the moon disappears in front of the big windows we planned and makes way for the splash of colors the sun brings with it.

I want to keep you here to watch it. I want to bring you coffee and make you eggs on the new stove, the one you picked out with the extra burner for the big meals you intend to create in this kitchen.

The kitchen we intend to cook meals in for the rest of our lives.

Husband, yesterday was our sixth wedding anniversary.

You know this, you wouldn’t forget, although we’re not so hooked on the celebration of another year passed,

but the idea of the years that are to come.

Because I’ll tell you Husband, I’m unbelievably blessed to have grown up with you, but even more amazed by the fact that despite the storms, the fires, the tears and the impossibly unpredictable things, each year I’ve spent by your side swinging a hammer, riding a horse,

jumping into a new career, cold lakes,

or out of the damn sky, I can honestly say I never been scared.

Well, I might have been just a little scared here…

Because I know that as long as you have a choice, you will be there in the morning moving quietly through your early routine, leaving me hot coffee waiting in the pot and dressing in the dark so that you don’t wake me.

So Husband, this morning, I don’t want to wake you.

I want you to keep your sleepy head on those pillows you picked and I want you to dream of bay horses and hunting trips to Alaska.

I don’t want you to worry about hooking up the washing machine or finishing the basement. I want to cook you eggs over easy in olive oil with pepper just the way you like them and I want to keep you here with me on the first day of our seventh year.

But more than anything husband, today I just want to bring you coffee and I want you to know that I am so happy to love you.

With all my heart,

Your Wife

15 thoughts on “The years to come…

  1. “I want to cook you eggs over easy in olive oil with pepper just the way you like them…”
    This reminds me of an excerpt from Through Painted Deserts by Don Miller. Don and his friend Paul are talking about what they could eat if they had the choice of anything in the world at that very moment.
    “I like to sleep late on Sunday, I like cream in my coffee, I like my eggs over easy, with them flour tortillas”
    And although Don is supposed to be talking about food, he talks about a love song.
    “… with them flour tortillas. And nobody knows me like my baby.” What Don wants is a woman who knows him well and loves him just like the woman in the song.
    That part of the book really stuck with me and I think it’s funny that I just read your post shortly after reading that chapter in the book. Nobody knows your baby like you do 🙂
    Your writing is absolutely beautiful. Sometimes I cry a little when I read your posts because it really makes me miss home back on the farm. The magesticness in simplicity. Hard workers, goodhearted men and women, and true love. You and your husband remind me that true love still exists and I love that. Thank you so much for sharing your life through your photography and writing. It is so inspiring!

  2. Awe Jessie! Your writing is so beautiful! One of those Cinderella stories that we all wish for and look for but better because it’s real life and with horses and cowboys instead of prince and castles. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple!

  3. You get it Jess!!!! You really get it!!! The present is way more important than the end run. Glad your smelling the roses or in this case the “husband”!! Carry on you sweet Prairie girl. 🙂

  4. Wow ~ what a wonderful love story about you and your husband. The pictures added so much to your tribute. I found your website from the article in the newspaper. I look forward to each of your posts.

  5. Just beautiful!!! Your love is an incredible force, and I’m so lucky to have just read that wonderful testament to just what love between man and wife and soulmates is!! Thank you so much for your writings!!!!!

  6. LOL, Very beautiful pics and a very beautiful blog..I was just reminded on my brother’s Caring bridge blog to love your family and friends because life doesn’t always turn out how we want it..Keep up the beautiful writing/blog. PS. I need a cup like your hubby’ I feel ’bout mornings. Have a beautiful tomorrow. Nicole

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