The littlest cow dog.

Meet Juno, Pops’ new cow dog.

Aren’t you just dying. She’s so fllllufffffaaaayyyyaaaa!!!


Ok, look beyond her absolute cuteness and you will see one of the most important elements in our ranching operation when spring comes. Every rancher has to have a good dog made to help get cattle out of a brush patch, move them through a gate or push them along to different pastures and Juno is a little mix of some of the best cattle breeds out there.

Take a look at the white markings around her neck and you will see a bit of border collie.  Her little brown eyebrows and fluffy fur is the Australian Shepherd in her.  Mix that with the speckled feet she got from blue heeler blood and it looks like Juno has all the makings of a great ranch hand.

Errrr, she’s so darn cute!

When I was growing up we always had a female border collie ranch dog. Usually we would have that female bred and keep one of her pups to learn from her momma so that when the momma was too old to work, the pup was at her prime.

Pops’ current working dog, Pudge, was a hand-me-down dog looking for a good home. She is one of the best dogs we’ve ever had on the place;  loyal, sweet and always willing to go along on the longest and most grueling of rides. Her only weakness is a thunderstorm.

And time.

See, we’re not sure how old this lady is, but she’s definitely slowing down. We needed to bring Juno home so that Pudge had a chance to teach her some things about life on the Veeder Ranch come spring.

I’m a little concerned that Pudge may not make it that long, but she’s got a lot of spirit and a heated bed, so the chances are good.

In the meantime we will just love on them this winter, feed them up, scratch their bellies and let them know that this ranch is a good place for a dog.

Even worthless pugs who pee on your Uggs.

Yeah, that’s right, I know what you did…

Ah, Juno, you don’t know what you’ve got ahead of you little girl. It’s a good thing you have big paws and a fluffy coat, because there are going to be adventures, cows for you to chase, mud to slop in, grass to roll in and poop to sniff.

It looks a little cold out there now, but trust me, you were made for this stuff.

Welcome to your new life little girl!

And whatever you do, don’t listen to that one…

15 thoughts on “The littlest cow dog.

  1. This reminds me of a lot of our dogs. Get a new one while the old dog can still train them. Most of our best dogs have also be cast offs from other people.

  2. Juno’s a cutie, and I think Pudge is one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen! Who knows, maybe having a puppy around will perk her up for a while.

  3. just recently got a new farm dog ourselves – part Australian Shepherd, part German Shepherd. Since we have no cattle and just need her to keep the critters out of the yard I’m sure she’ll be great – in fact, so far, she’s turning out fantastic – and you’re right – they are sooooo fluffffyyy!

  4. ‘Had a few Blue Heeler/Border Collie crosses on the farm and by far, the smartest dogs EVER. They made the Labs look like Lab Experiments!

    Juno is darn cute but I have to tell ya, I’d take a lazy sunny afternoon with Pudge beside me, too!


  5. She is adorable and Ive heard many say the females are well…smarter. My Dad had the rare dream of raising sheep in the Red River Valley. Along with the sheep came a Border Collie named Barney who protected us from predators when Mom laid us on a blanket in the sun or worked tirelessly for Dad with the misbegotten sheep.
    Well our neighbors got a dog who taught Barney to chase cars. These collies love a job and he thought he had a new one. We couldnt break the habit and eventually Barney met a car or truck he couldnt herd.
    We had several after that, all Barneys but never as good as the original.
    I think Pudge will imprint the good stuff and I am certain that when the cold goes away and her joints dont hurt and she has a new project she will rise to the occaision as Mentor.
    Our family history is littered with stories of “Barney the Wonder Dog”. Pudge and her new charge will surely add to your family history as well!!
    Carry on Veeders cant wait for the next chapter.

  6. I am new to your blog and being a displaced Nodaker in New England I love looking at all your posts and pictures. My Brother in law has a Border collie/Australian Shepard Mix named Mulligan and I love that dog he is my companion when I come home in the summers to visit my family. He walks with me every morning but his main purpose in life is cattle and don’t get in his way when it comes to work. I am a Jack Russell person and the intelligence of these breeds are incomparable to most. Good luck to Juno and Pudge making it through the winter I just had to put my oldest Jack Judy down on the 2nd and she was my light. I have 2 more left and I love them both. Dogs make a home.

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  8. Please tell me where you dad purchased the dog, since we need a good cattle dog and I am looking to find one cross bred like Juno is.

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