Sunday Column: The epidemic

Before I get into “the situation” we have out here on the ranch, there’s this.

IMG_7973 IMG_8007 IMG_7938 IMG_7949 IMG_7975Augustus, aka: Gus, the Most Extraordinary Cowdog, came home yesterday and now all I want to do is run around the ranch so he can chase me. And then I want to snuggle him and smell his puppy breath, feed him treats and take him with me everywhere I go.

You can bet there’ll be more on him later, but I can’t get too distracted here. We’ve got big problems at the ranch, and it seems, they’re showing up by the thousands, chewing and squeaking and scampering their way to destroying our lives. They show up in feed buckets, in grain bins, on pant legs and saddle blankets, on the shelf of the tack room, in my future brother-in-law’s nice clean pickup, in the Bobcat, and of course, clinging to the windshield of Pops’ pickup on his way to town…


I tell you all about it here.

Coming Home: An epidemic has hit the Veeder Ranch and it’s coming for you
by Jessie Veeder
Forum Communications

But try not to panic. It turns out I have some great readers. And one of them sent me an idea for a solution.

It’s called “Mouse-be-Gone” and I’m ordering seventy-three crates this afternoon.

And then I’m going into town to get this kitten,


which I intend on putting through a rigorous mouse-hunting training session.

So I’m on it.

Because if I’m going to have an animal farm, I would like to have control of which animals I’m farming…


Anyway, I’m sure the puppy and the kitten, they’re going to be great friends.

Peace, love and puppy breath.


14 thoughts on “Sunday Column: The epidemic

  1. What a joy to have a new puppy and a new kitten! 🙂
    And even though mice are somewhat less cuter than puppies and kittens, I’m glad that you’re not killing them with poison or traps. I hope they vacate the ranch premises very soon!

  2. Jessie just got a call from one of my friends. She reads your column and just loves them…she was a English teacher. So keep up the good work and know that a lots of my friends can hardly wait for the Sunday paper. It was so nice to see you at the ranch a fun place to be. Love ya to the moon and back, Grandma Ginny Sent from my iPad

  3. That’s the first time I’ve been wished “Peace, love AND PUPPY BREATH”. I like it. Will my puppy be coming in the mail to deliver that puppy breath ?

    Good luck with your infestation. They ARE cute though …bet I’m the only one to leave THAT comment. lol

  4. I’m sure I couldn’t get anything done with those two little cuties around! Good luck with your mouse problem. Cats are the best remedy, in my opinion. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the arrival of your new pup and kitten. I will be interested in hearing how it turns out with the “Mouse–be–Gone” and your mouse infestation. Is this amount of mice a new happening, or does it happen every year at this time?

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