The songs go to Nashville

Greetings from a hotel room in music city!

Yes, me (and Pops) and my guitar and my songs about North Dakota made it to Nashville early this week for the first round of work on my new album.

I’ll be spending the day in a studio working with my producer and a few players laying the rhythm tracks for the 12 songs I’ve picked from the piles of songs about home and love, hope and work.

I can’t wait for you to hear it, and right now I’m in the part of the project where I, too, can’t wait to hear how it all comes together and develops at the hands of some capable and talented players.

I can’t tell you what it’s like to bring my songs here and be surrounded by music that seems to seep from the pores of this place.

Last night we walked down Broadway and the bars were alive with the sounds of live bands behind every big window.

Pick a time, pick a spot and someone’s making music somewhere.

So we picked the corner of 3rd and Lindsley to listen to Kenny Loggins and the Blue Riders.

I’d try to explain what it was like hearing Mr. Loggins sing “House on Pooh Corner,” live right in front of me, a song that was the backdrop of my childhood, sitting next to Pops in a city where so many songs are born, but I can’t. It was just so good.

So so good.

I’m so glad to be here. So glad to be able to spend my time making these songs.

Now, off to work!








12 thoughts on “The songs go to Nashville

  1. How exciting for you and your dad! I think I live vicariously through you Jessie! Love your music, your thoughts re family and living life in my beautiful home state and town (now city) I once lived, and your photographs of same! Good thoughts are coming your way from Tucson for you Jessie!

    Cindy P.

  2. If you need an entertainment lawyer, look up Amy Everhart. She’s a great North Dakota gal (originally from Mott), a UND grad, and pretty great lawyer to boot!

  3. Congratulations Jessie!!! This gives me goosebumps…. the doors have opened, no going back now. We are big fans of your music, and you 🙂

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