We’re not in Cabo anymore…

We’re not in Cabo anymore.

photo 1


photo 2We’re home.

Home to the great white and frickin’ frozen north.

You know what that weather report up there doesn’t say? It doesn’t say that the wind is blowing 50 MPH, making the air feel like it’s actually -30.

Which would mean when I got on the plane in Cabo on Tuesday morning and landed in Bismarck, North Dakota on Tuesday night, my body was asked to deal with a nearly 100 degree temperature difference.



NOT Cabo.

I can’t help but feel the shock of the juxtaposition that was the result of a couple plane rides …



NOT Cabo.

But oh, we had a nice trip. We wore vacation hats.


We got some sun our our pasty white skin. We played beach volleyball and drank ridiculous drinks,


we swam in the ocean,


and rang in the new year in a blur of tequila and club music.


And while we were doing those things, the wind was whipping in a cold front up north, as it tends to do in January.

But you know what they do in January in Cabo? They ride horses in shorts and bare feet on the beach.




NOT Cabo horses.

Dammit, it’s cold here. No more vacation hats for us.


Beach Couple

Arctic Tundra Couple


White Sandy Shoreline  


Just a white line


Cabo Husband.

Freezing Husband.


Cabo couple

Umm,  no…

Cabo Cactus

Not a Cabo Cactus 

IMG_403380 degrees and sunny sisters

30 below zero and windy sisters


Vacation feet.  

Not on vacation anymore feet


Warm weather pet

Jessie and Dogs

A more snuggly version


A beachy drink


A blizzard-y drink


A walk on the beach


Ah, son of a beettchh…

And that’s it. No, we’re not in Cabo anymore boys and girls…

IMG_1348IMG_4058IMG_4133IMG_1373IMG_1369IMG_4084   IMG_1344

But we’re not beach people really.

We’re pale and pasty northerners with a large collection of wool socks. And we’re home.

And no matter what the sky is doing in Mexico, or Jamaica, or Sunny California,  it’s always good to be here.


7 thoughts on “We’re not in Cabo anymore…

    • My favorite thing was hanging out on the beach with a big plate of guacamole and a margarita and then running in the ocean for a swim. But we also did a snorkle boat party cruise and hit up San Lucas for New Years Eve and that was fun. Had great friends/family with me so we could’nt lose! Have fun!!

  1. Jesse I think you actually stayed at the same hotel in San Jaun as Dale and I when we were there in 1997. Loved it so much we broke the cardinal rule and bought a time share at Pueblo Bonita in San Lucas. We will be there end of Feb. Cant wait.
    Our annual “for sure” excursion is the pirate ship out of San Lucas for a sunset whale watching cruise. Love that 1880 ship so cool.
    Glad you got in such a warm and fun winter vacation. You are a busy women for sure. We are freezing here in MN also. Mares havent been out of the barn for three days now. Arthritis and below zero dont combine well when your in your 20’s. Happy as clams they are:-)
    Enjoy the memories!

  2. I know how you feel. We were on a Disney cruise over New Years. Awesome time even though my 18 yr old spent most of the time sleeping! So a little sadness there.
    But I spent a lot of great time w/ my oldest and we didn’t drive each other too crazy!
    It’s freakin cold in New England also.

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