Happy places, happy faces.

If you  need us come find us. We’re out exploring some beautiful country with some beautiful people.

But first I has to make a stop to visit some presidents who have been my neighbors for years, and still we’ve never met… 

      Then on to Colorado to meet up with some of my favorite people and fling ourselves down some mountains.  





    The mountains in Breckenridge Re beautiful but even better are these friends of mine.

These people are my happy place.   See ya back home in a bit!

Peace, love and snow pants, 

5 thoughts on “Happy places, happy faces.

  1. Enjoy the mountains! They’ve been getting good snow. But if you just happen to veer east a little, and happen to stop in Sidney to visit the flagship Canela’s store, please look me up! I’d love to give you the “official” tour!

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