Sunday Column: WOODTICKS!

This isn’t a new horror story for you my dear readers, but, well, WOODTICKS!


I found one crawling up my bathroom wall this morning.

Last week, when I was in the doctor’s office, I reached up to find one on my head.

The blossoms are blossoming, the grass is getting green, the trees are budding and the little bastards are marching out in full force.


And because all I seem to do lately is pick them off of my pant legs and off my husband’s pants legs, and off my dogs and, apparently, off my walls, I had to write about all the horrifying and encounters I’ve had with them in this week’s column.


Coming Home: Wood ticks the price for wild paradise
by Jessie Veeder
Forum Communications

Upon publishing, it was brought to my attention that I shouldn’t take such pests lightly as they carry diseases and some people have been affected by said diseases in terrible ways. My heart goes out to anyone who has suffered from lymes disease or any other debilitating symptoms that ticks and mosquitos can cause. I know this is a possibility and we work to prevent these encounters as much as possible out here at the ranch. Please, use bug spray, always check you and your kids, know the proper way to remove them should they become embedded, and protect your pets with the appropriate medication.

I don’t want anyone getting sick. I just want all the ticks in the world to die because as far as I can tell in my abundant research, they don’t do anything any good.

But if you can’t beat the scary and creepy things in life, I find it’s ok to laugh in its face…so that’s my tactic. Laughing at the things I can’t control and then flushing the little bastards down the toilet…

Peace, love and springtime woes,



8 thoughts on “Sunday Column: WOODTICKS!

  1. I can soooo relate to your horror of wood ticks. TOTALLY HATE the nasty buggers. Fenced up here yesterday. . . . So many crawling INSIDE my shirt that hubby said they had a family reunion there !!!! Ughhhh. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. So today, Where am I ? Back in pasture fencing ! With jeans tucked inside my boots ( so not glamorous ) And OFF sprayed on my shirt . . . . Did I mention I HATE TICKS ?? well I do ! Thanks for all you share. Love reading what you write, maybe because I can relate to so much of your life ! Smiles, ( and no wood ticks !) Carolyn Henderson

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  2. Fortunately I don’t see as many of those little blood-suckers out here as I did back east. There are a few herbal spray repellents out there on the net you can try making. I noted Burt’s Bee’s has a commercial herbal bug repellent. I don’t know how well any of them work. Good luck!

  3. They’ve made it to Nova Scotia. I think it’s the Black Legged Ticks here that carry Lyme disease. It is suggested you wear light clothing and check yourself (everywhere !) when you come inside. Sometimes you’ve got to laugh at such things … to keep from crying !

  4. Honest to God, Jesse,I believe all creatures have a place on earth … even mosquitoes are a main source of bat food and mosquito larvae are an important food source for ducks, etc. But ticks??? Just kill ’em all. They are good for nothing as far as I know, except for an excuse to check out husband’s body (thoroughly)!!

  5. Believe it or not, “BOUNCE” sheets you use in your dryer keep mosquitoes away. Why not try one at your neckline, pockets and pant legs each?

    I would love to know if it works for ticks….I don’t have them where we are located.

  6. My protocol involves squishing, burning, then flushing, LOL.

    Spent 15 minutes in the CT woods, one town away from Lyme, and found a few ticks crawling on me. Of course, tick check with the wife was more fun.

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