Prairie Parent-The Miles to Motherhood

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Since August I’ve been working as the editor and developer of a new parenting publication that focuses on what it means to raise children between the sidewalks and scoria roads of western North Dakota.

It’s been a fun project to be a part of, especially during a time in my life when I’m navigating new motherhood, finding myself curious about what other parents do to survive children who refuse naps and get constipated just by looking at whole milk.

I have enlisted a little team of mom writers out here to share their insights and help tell others’ stories, I’ve had generous area photographers lend their talents and work to create beautiful covers and have monthly contributions from area medical professionals, and starting in April, we’ll feature a monthly grandparent column.

In the last few months we’ve made our print content available online. And thanks to the mad skills of the man who roped me into this project with the Dickinson Press, it’s a great site. 

March’s issue is one of my favorites because we explored what it means to be pregnant, birth children and raise them in rural America, which sometimes means hours of driving to the nearest medical facility for infertility treatments, prenatal appointments and baby well check ups.

We also covered some pretty insane birth stories that sent people scrambling to make it on the road and to the hospital in time to give birth, an article that seems to satisfy my newfound interest in every mothers’ birth story.

Below are links to two pieces I wrote for the March issue. Take a read and then take a look around the site, follow us on Facebook and check in on what we come up with each month.

Because even if you’re not raising children on the prairie, I strive to keep the common ground and sound advice between the pages that can be relatable for all parents of all stages.

Happy Spring!

The Miles to Motherhood
How rural birth stories have and haven’t changed

Surviving in the Country with an Infant
Products to help you through the first few months


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