Summer Walk

What I see on my walks around this place. I have been trying to snap a photo of the yellow and blue birds outside my window, they are loving bathing in the puddles on the road after last night’s thunderstorm, but my old digital camera, limited photography and sneaking skills leave something to be desired. Enjoy this beautiful day!

Red road coming cutting through the ranch.

3 thoughts on “Summer Walk

  1. Jessie
    I am moved to tears by the sheer magnitude of the beauty. I love western ND. John and I shall be in Beach for my father in law’s 80th birthday and believe me I can’t WAIT!!!! we will go to a beautiful place called Bullion Butte south of Beach–it’s incredibly remote.
    thank you for posting

  2. Love the pictures & writings (esp the pictures of Tucker!) Sounds like you’re enjoying being home, Jessie, and that is a wonderful thing. xoTan

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