Tiger Lilies and Sweet Clover

There are certain things at the ranch that signify we’ve moved on to mid-summer–mosquito bites, 80+ weather, thunderstorms, the yellow clover and, my favorite, tiger lilies.

I wish you could smell it out here.  The air is heavy with the the lush, fresh scent of this wild (and, if I were a cow, delicious would be an adjective here) sweet clover.  I wish I could bottle this air up, or make it a plug-in scent, or sell it to the candle companies to burn on the long winter nights, to help remind me that this time does come, in all its wonder and splendor and drama.

I took a walk this morning before the hot weather hit to gather some tiger lilies we saw on a side hill on our ride the other night. Usually these wild variety are quite rare on the landscape, but if you spot a patch one summer, and the weather is right, they will most likely be there the next. I am sure many of you grow these flowers outside your home, but there is nothing like coming up over a hill filled with wild grasses, prickly brush and cactus to find these vibrant orange, perfectly constructed, delicate flowers dotting the landscape. This morning I couldn’t believe how many there were. Maybe I’m too simple, but it was simply thrilling to me.

Happy mid-summer to you. Enjoy our beautiful world this weekend, and enjoy your 4th of July!

7 thoughts on “Tiger Lilies and Sweet Clover

  1. I miss those damn flowers SO MUCH! Can you blow me up 8×10 and I would buy it from you!!! PPPLLLLEEEAAAASSEEE?!?!?!?! (and i know beggars can’t be choosers, but I really like the one with the brush in the background 😉

    • Hi Carmen,
      I am glad you like the photos. It is absolutely gorgeous out here this summer. I will defiantly send you an 8×10…it would be my pleasure for an old friend 🙂 Email me your address and I’ll send it out.
      Love you and happy July 4th!

  2. Ohhh, God’s beauty is everywhere, especially in the vast spaces of western ND. Thanks for those beautiful pictures and your prose to add delight to my day. I, too, was born and raised there, and love all the nostalgia you bring to me with these poetic moments! You have been blessed with a gift!

  3. Hi Jessie,
    Thank you for doing this blog and for posting the awesome pictures!!! I miss home so much and seeing pictures like these really warms my soul!

    Valerie Bensley

    • Valerie, thanks for reading, it means the world to me. I hope I can bring back the smell and the breezes and the sun and rain of this wonderful area we call home. Enjoy your summer!

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