A day to be born

You came into this world, ten fingers, ten toes—your daddy’s nose.

The moon was as full as our hearts, the air crisp on our cheeks.

It was the perfect day to be born.

So we rushed to meet you, because you couldn’t wait to be here, to breathe in this air with us.

And never in my life have I lost my words the way I did today. Never have I stood so still at the wonder of it all.

So before you grow too tall little one, before the time catches up, I want you to know:

Your daddy is a good, steady man and your mother has fought for this life–a life with you in it.

And you have stolen my heart. You have it.

And I have your back, little man.

Welcome to Earth baby boy. Run and jump and play and laugh and explore and learn and dance and lean on it, because it’s yours. All yours.

And I can’t wait to show you some things…

Happy Birthday!

With love,

Your auntie

9 thoughts on “A day to be born

  1. He’s adorable, but, Mama is going to need some help. Sleep is one thing she needs and a loving aunt to hold him when she needs to take a lie down. I’m so jealous, remembering my son at that age. You will be the best aunt ever.

  2. Aww, precious. A friend of mine is over her due date. She is having a precious girl. Her mom informed me that my friend was 3 weeks past her due date. Congrats auntie and family.

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