If only the night would wait…

The night.

Slowly it sweeps over us, peeking out from behind the horizon, warning that another day will soon be gone–that time has passed us once again.

That it always wins.

We scramble to get the chores done, our dinners served and dishes cleaned.

Our babies bathed and tucked in tight.

And as we sing the first few lines of a familiar lullaby, the black cloak is draped and the moon rises outside our windows so humble, so unassuming that we often miss it as our eyes grow heavy and our breath evens out and the weight of the darkness creeps over our roofs.

And when the moon makes its way up to center sky, the wind grows calm under its rays, the grass stoops low and the night creatures with eyes that flash from the hillsides and from deep in the brush make plans for an unnoticed life.

So the civilized turn in, shut doors, move locks and draw curtains, hoping this time, tonight, to keep the quiet out.

But out here the quiet is loud…

…so loud…

Because once the last of the coyotes finish their star serenade, they laugh as they leave us with nothing.

Nothing but the silence that envelops us and screams the things we cannot be, the places we will never go, the people we will never hold, the words we should have never said…

..the words we should have delivered instead.

So we reach for our loves, pull covers up tight, curse at the clocks and turn on our TVs to drown out the calm…the silence.

We whisper.

Our words prick the air.

We squeeze our eyes tight against it.

And under this blanket of black we lay on our backs and fight the dark with thoughs of the morning…

…and dream of the things we could be…

…if only the night would wait.

7 thoughts on “If only the night would wait…

  1. I can tell you live in the country. Here, we wait for the sounds of traffic to die down, the stars to come out. I walk my dog and gaze at the sky, looking for the advance of the Big Dipper to the west and the phase of the moon. Fewer planes fly over the house on their way to OHare so it is quieter. But, when I’m in North Dakota, I lie in bed, listening to the coal trains going through the valley below (and there are a lot of them) and rejoice in the quiet. Occasionally, a little screech owl screams to let us know he’s still watching for prey. I like that you curl up with your loved one(s) and tuck in. My husband wouldn’t go for the lullaby, but Judge Judy satisfies his need to hear a screaming female before bed…kind of like the owl at my brothers. Now, winter–that’s another story. Wind howling and I’m at my wit’s end. You really get me thinking.

  2. Beautiful pics of the evening, the moon, flower, ect. If that is your new camera, it is awesome(guess the picture taker is also as well).
    The biggest thing I learned in the past cpl years is to live in the present and enjoy what is beautiful. Not ever minute can be like this..ex today, I hurt like crazy and need to be realigned but; to see glimmers of beauty that surrounds us. I use to have tunnel vision for everthing..especially since I live in the city. But I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I’m learning to find beauty in all things. Thanks for the reminder and showing the true beauty of the prairie. 🙂 Nicole

  3. The night-like time-waits for no one….Each new day is an opportunity to experience the things we didn’t have time for.. 🙂

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