A girl needs a dog…

Crumbs drop to your kitchen floor
and then the tears
a little more
days that seem to last too long
you reach for him…

a girl needs a dog

Words unsaid to anyone
he warms your feet
you softly hum
listening to your quiet songs
big ears, big heart…

a girl needs a dog

Things that go bump in the night
slamming doors
a stupid fight
someone to understand who’s wrong
you climb in bed…

a girl needs a dog

Morning light through window glass
open up
run, run fast
a friend to always come along
more than anything…

a girl needs a dog

No matter what…

a girl needs a dog

25 thoughts on “A girl needs a dog…

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    • Doesn’t he just make you want to scratch his belly? He is so unbelievably sweet with an old soul…poor guy doesn’t get enough face time, with the clown pug stealing the thunder with all his naughty antics. The lab is solid, strong and reliable. And droopy. 🙂

      • yes; he does make me want to scratch his belly, and rub the soft fur on his neck and whisper …”ooh you’re a good old one aren’t you?” Sweet post 🙂

  2. Greetings:

    Thanks a lot for your contribution to Jingle Poetry Potluck, I am placing your link to our blogroll within two days, hope to see you share your poetry with us tonight…

    Always, your input is valued…
    Happy Sunday!
    Love, xx

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