Better than television

You know at the end of the  CBS Sunday Morning news program, after the human interest stories, the witty commentary, the pleasant conversations with Charles Osgood and his equally pleasant bow-ties? You know, after the one or two cups of coffee you consume watching celebrities and do gooders and geniuses tell their stories about how they have and are going to save the world that get you feeling all warm and fuzzy about humanity and ready to go out and maybe save the world yourself  just as soon as you have a couple waffles, a few more cups of coffee and, you know, change out of your sweatpants.

And just before you switch off the t.v. to work on completing the aforementioned tasks, that damn program puts its little feel-good cherry on top of the sun-shining through your window by leaving you with a glimpse into a wild place somewhere in this world. They just leave the camera there for a few moments as pink flamingos stand on one leg and poke their faces in the water, or penguins slide down an iceberg, or the mountains just exist on your television screen in all of their glory.

You know what I’m talking about? Do you watch the program?

You really should watch the program.

Anyway, the end of the show is always my favorite–to see a piece of the world existing in front of me uninterrupted, no effects, no music or frills or voice-over telling me what to think about it allows me to  exist, for a moment, as a pink falmingo.

Or a mountain.

It’s television at it’s best.

So in the spirit of my favorite program I leave you this Sunday evening with a glimpse of the wild that passed through the ranch yesterday evening and welcomed me home by surprise as I zoomed along the pink road, singing a Steve Earl song at the top of my lungs.

I sucked in my breath as out of the corner of my eye I spotted ten bull elk with velvet horns lingering along the skyline.  I slammed on my breaks, kicked up pink dust, rolled down my window and sat with Steve Earl in my ears, my mouth hanging open wide and pure, unbridled, spirited beasts breathing and snorting and running before my eyes and through my own wild world…

And I was an elk for a minute…

which turns out to be more glamourous than a flamingo…and, you know, quite a bit better than television.

Want to get a little closer to these beasts? Click here for another wild elk encounter.

12 thoughts on “Better than television

  1. Do you think the elk are coming up from the park? Or did they get some on the reservation (or was that only buffalo?)? It is odd for so many to show up. I hope they are not bringing disease with them for we ranchers to have to contend with.

    I have just joined your blog and enjoy it very much. I enjoy photography (my initial reason for joining); however, I have friends & family in the WC area so that makes it more personal too.

    • Hi Annete,
      We’re not sure where’ they’re coming from, but they have been roaming through our place for the last five years at least. I think elk are native to this area, so maybe they are just returning to their roots:) Just saw them again last night on a ride and it is just as spectacular each time.

  2. And because of your photos, I was an elk for a moment, too. Thanks!

    Saw a herd heading toward Tillamook, Oregon on the way to the coast last month but didn’t get photos as good as yours.

    Yes, who needs television when you have the great outdoors?

  3. Of course I watch the show. I enjoy their many renditions of the sun.
    You know what tickles me more than the show or the sun? I know that my son is watching the same show just a hundred miles away thinking, feeling and having some of the same thoughts I am.
    and…of course I share this blog with him as well. all smiles.

  4. Yes, Like Charles Osgood as he always has a different take on of the free, home of the brave. Maybe next year I’ll make it that way and see the magnificent creatures from your part of the state..sure I see deer from time to time but nothing as magnificent as that. Happy Trails to you. Nicole

  5. Love those photographs of the frisky elk! How fortunate you are to have those magnificent creatures basically in your own backyard. On another topic, someone said to me recently that North Dakota is flat like Kansas. Sure doesn’t look flat in your photos. You’re near the Badlands?

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