For you child…

In this life we’re all made for something
Holding tight and letting go
Some things they are certain
And some things we’ll never know

So I wish you singing
I wish you laughter
I wish you free and running wild

 I wish you nothing but bright blue skies
And warm breezes for you child

8 thoughts on “For you child…

  1. Very nice pictures and words, and a great start to my day in cold Ohio. Thanks for sharing your talents in pictures and words.

  2. Very beautiful words and the photos are gorgeous. But I have been introspective lately about my children. I wish all those things for my kids, yet as I look at them growing, I am especially thankful (even if at the time I would have changed it or taken on the “ugly” myself) for the harder times. The times they had to struggle. The times they didn’t quite reach their goals. The cloudy, gray cold skies. Because it is after it they appreciated the clear skies more. They had more pride in themselves for getting through. They grew just a little more. So today…I am wishing them whatever it is they need to help them become the adults they are suppose to be.
    Karen G

  3. Love your writing! I read everything… sometimes twice! We went through Watford City last week… quite a change!

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