Happy Momma’s Day!

I love my momma.

There she is after giving me life.

There I am on about my tenth minute out in the world. I’m looking a bit concerned..but she’s smiling.

That smile is a miraculous site knowing now that I was a whole month late–and I haven’t been on time for anything since.

You would have thought she would have given up on me.

But my momma never gives up. Pair that with the fact that she’s beautiful, caring, energetic, kind, funny, crazy, has a sexy shoe collection and knows how to throw a party, and you can understand why I want to be like her in all those ways when I grow up.

I’m working really hard on that shoe-collection part…

Love you mom!

Re-visit all the reasons why here: She chose us

3 thoughts on “Happy Momma’s Day!

  1. I think that extra month was the time that God spent endowing you with all your creative talents Jesse. He knew that the family He chose for you would nurture those talents and use its own talents to develop your big heart.
    Thanks Mrs Veeder you did a great job. Have a great Mothers Day!!!!

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