If I could pick a prairie bouquet…

If I could pick for you a bouquet
from the windswept hills of spring,

from under budding oak groves,
and along the babbling creek…

I’d pick you bluebells for your table,

and sweet peas for your mom,

the mist from early mornings,
a meadowlark’s sweet song.

I’d throw in green, green grasses

and the chokecherry’s in bloom
to set upon your nightstand
and bring some springtime to your room.

And to that I’d add some sweet smells
and a horse’s tangled mane,

The dust from tires on gravel,
all the things we cannot tame.

Like the sound of insects buzzing

and a brown dog in the mud,
thorns that poke your fingers,

and dandelion fluff.

Then I’d find you ladyslippers,

a yellow violet hiding out,

prairie smoke and daisies…

all the pretty that’s about.

But I won’t forget the rainstorms
or the rocks that dot the fields,

the wood ticks and the slick mud,
all the things that make this real.

Because if I could pick the prairie,
put this earth into a vase

I’d take the sunshine with the hale storms
but leave the secrets in their place.

19 thoughts on “If I could pick a prairie bouquet…

  1. Your blog reminds me of home. Currently I am living in Nicaragua and have my days where I can’t wait to get back to Texas. Thank you for providing a little country beauty for my soul. Best wishes- Misti

  2. I wish I had the variety that you do. Does the amount of rain you have make a difference on what blooms? Are all these flowers currently in bloom? I am intrigued and need to go for a walk this evening. Wish I could go on one there with you “Back on the Ranch”.

    • Holly, we usually have about the same variety, but the abundance of the flowers depends on the amount of rain. They came a little early this year, but yes, the photos I posted are of the flowers that are currently in bloom. We will get tiger lilies and the sunflower varieties later in the summer.

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