A boot in a snowbank and a puppy in the house.

And now, for a brief story about how my momma came home one evening last week to find one of her fancy boots laying haphazardly in a snowbank in the front yard…as told by my mother, to me, over wine sloshing in a glass while she waved it in exasperation and disbelief.  

Jessie, I have to tell you something. Did I tell you this already? I don’t know. Well, oh my gawd, yesterday I left the house to go to work, and, well, oh you know that puppy just makes me so nervous when I’m backing out of the garage. She jumps around and follows me, it’s like the most stressful part of my day trying to get her to stay out of the way. She’s so cute but, ugh, I don’t want to run her over…

Anyway, so I go to work and come home that night and open the door from the garage to the house, and, Jessie, I know that door was shut when I got home, and I’m sure I closed it when I left for work. You know that puppy tries to follow me in the house and I say, ‘no, get back’ and shoo her out of there, so I know I shut it.

But anyway, I open the door and I get in the entryway and I feel like something’s off, you know. Like someone’s been in here. Then I notice a FedEx package, so I figure that was it. The FedEx guy dropped off a package, no big deal. But I walked a little further into the house and I see little tracks on the kitchen floor leading into the living room, like the puppy had been in the house! And then I get to the living room and some of my shoes and clothes from my bedroom were strung out into the living room. And I look around then and there’s other things too, like dad’s gloves and hats from the garage are in the house. It was weird. So I wondered if somehow I accidentally let the puppy in before I went to work, but I’m sure I didn’t. I’m sure of it. And she was in the garage when I got home, but if she got in how did she get out?

Anyway, so I start picking up the stuff from the living room and notice one of my new Corral boots, you know, the fancy ones, the ones I just bought…yeah, those…one of them is missing! I can’t find it anywhere in the house. It wasn’t in the living room or kitchen or back in the bedrooms.

Well, you know where it was? Outside! Outside in a snow bank.

I looked out the window and there it was. And I don’t get it. How did she get in and how did she get out? Oh, that puppy, she just loves to drag things. Dad told you she got his box of gloves down from the shelf in the garage last week, somehow, I don’t know how she got up there, anyway, she pulled them down and spread every glove out on the garage floor and out into the yard. She’s even found his power tools, has been chewing on them.

Anyway, so my boot was ok. Thank gawd. Thank gawd it wasn’t snowing or anything and she didn’t eat it. But I still don’t know how she got in the house and out of the house while we were gone? I know I shut that door when I left and I’m pretty sure I didn’t lock her in there.

The only thing I can think is like maybe the FedEx man accidentally let her in when he dropped off the package. You know how she can sneak in the door behind you and if you’re not paying attention she’s gets in the house…but how did she get out? Maybe the door isn’t latching the right way…I don’t know…

I don’t know. It’s a mystery. But my boot? Can you believe it!? Ugh, thank gawd it was ok…

Oh, Juno...

12 thoughts on “A boot in a snowbank and a puppy in the house.

  1. Too funny! Our Aussie mix pup likes to drag things around too. Only ours like to bury them in the snow. Yesterday she actually dug up a mitten of my son’s that she had buried weeks and weeks ago – so glad to have it back as it was one of the mittens he had made from a deer he had shot. Those puppies!

  2. I really enjoyed this post!:) And yes Juno is such a cutie patootie! Though, yes Sybil, I was thinking the same thing.

    I would be freaking out if I found a Fed Ex package waiting inside the side because the Fed Ex guy who delivered it walked in the house and dropped it off. Isn’t that uncalled for? They’re not supposed to intrude in your house like that. What I find suspicious is all the clothing & shoe items on the floor in the living room. What if the poor pup is innocent in this case, and it’s the Fed Ex guy who was snooping around stealing stuff, and tried to set the puppy up somehow.

    Well please tell your mama and dad to be careful out there…I posted signs near all doors at my parents house to remind them to lock the doors before they leave, I do the same with the stove.

    • Thanks for your concern forestmtnhike. We’re out in a rural area and have a good relationship with our delivery drivers. This is a pretty common practice. If they didn’t leave the package in the door we wouldn’t receive it or they would have to leave it in the garage and then who knows what that puppy would do. Our delivery drivers have been asked to deliver inside the entryway, so she’s not intruding or breaking any rules…

      • That’s good know. If I lived in a smaller community and knew and trusted our delivery drivers I probably would do the same. Thanks for your response. I was getting worried for your parents there. Glad you’re all safe.:)

  3. They’ll always eat your favourite thing, LOL. I know it’s different on a ranch but our dog, who was pretty big was aloud in the house but only on his pillow. He’d just go straight there from the door. I loved his company, it was more for me than him.

  4. My Aussie learned how to turn door knobs all on her own. We locked her out once and waited and within a few minutes she let herself in:). We had teeth marks on our door knobs, she was very good at it but if you locked it…on boy!

  5. Just read your post in the Forum. You’re quite a lady! Wish I had some great words of wisdom for you, but I think you have better wisdom than I do. Thank-you!

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