And then came the sun.

This morning I woke up to another dreary, snowy, cold, white, un-springy day, a husband who couldn’t make it to work on account of a night spent puking and a pug literally hiding with his head under the covers and his ass facing the world.

I felt like doing the same thing, not puking, but, you know, just letting my ass face the world. Because, I mean, look at it…not a crocus in sight…

I was going to tell you all about it, after I took a few photos of the icicles hanging off the eaves,

the gray, dreary sky, the white flakes fluttering across bare and brown branches,

cold, leftover leaves,

big brown dog’s big brown cold nose,

and  ground just begging to warm up…

I was prepared to feel like the pug who doesn’t wake up to face the dog dish until well after the noon hour, going to absorb the sad, gray, so unspringlike day into my veins and mope a bit over peanut butter toast and coffee that just couldn’t be black enough, ignore the dishes in the sink and just say well shit, it’s snowing. It’s snowing again.

But then the sun came out.

and the gray turned to sparkle,

the bland to beautiful,

the gray to blue,

and the leftovers looked a little less lonely.

Ah, the sun.

The sun!

Look at that, the sun.

What a difference you made.

I hope you found your sun today.

11 thoughts on “And then came the sun.

  1. Brilliant photos. The winter here in Nepal is almost gone now. Though it’s a bit chilly inside the house, the weather outside is well – getting hot. I get sun burnt and tanned just hanging out the clothes to dry. By end of March we will have the summer in full force.

  2. Living in New England (displaced NoDaker) we feel your pain and I got up this morning, grabbed he dogs went out to get the paper and lo and behold, sun glorious sun, warmer than it has been temperatures and snow melting. YEAH for us, I tried to jump for joy but couldn’t quite make it. Arthritis I think, I felt the same way you wrote about. We don’t ask for much just a little warm sun. Glory be.

  3. No sunshine here today. Winter drags on in Nova Scotia. Spring seems to be very late here this year. Is this average spring-timing for North Dakota ? You still have a lot of snow.

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