The world is full…

This world is full of wild and thirsty things

skin and bones and muscles
feathers on black wingssoft petals on pink flowers
and stem and branch and leafwaiting on the cool rain
waiting for the greenThis world is full of a sneaking kind of goldyou can find it on horizons
can’t be bought or held or sold and only in the morning
or at the perfect time of night
welcoming a new day
setting up the lightThis world is filled with the most peculiar sounds croaks and sighs and wails
and squeaks coming from the ground and up above a whistle
and from the hills a lonesome cry and I wonder if the calling
is hellos or sad goodbyes This world is full of wonder and moments to be brave and moments to remember
why we’re here and why we came and moments to be thirsty and moments to beholdand moments just to listen to all the life outside our door

10 thoughts on “The world is full…

  1. Beautiful pictures and prose ~ you find all the beauty of nature ~ flowers, sunrises/sunsets, trees, animals, etc. I am jealous of all that you have ~ you’ve come home to your family and the beautiful surroundings ~ “Life is good” for you Jessie and it sounds like you are so happy with the life you have chosen! God Bless! I’m anxious to visit your mother’s store when I am up that way. I hope to make a trip to Ray (where I own land) this summer and will go through Watford!!

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