Sunday Column: Rooted

My dad is a man who is rooted.

He knows what he loves and he loves it wholeheartedly. He showed us how to stay planted while finding our wings. He taught us how to sing and how to ride a horse.

He taught us that sometimes the best idea is to take a moment to sit on the hilltop, look around and say “wow, isn’t this something.”

His outlook on life has been his greatest gift to me. His love for place flows through our blood.

Happy Father’s Day to a man who worked hard to make this my home.

Coming Home: Discovering history, past and future
by Jessie Veeder
Fargo Forum 

5 thoughts on “Sunday Column: Rooted

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  2. Hi Jesse,
    In Australia we celebrate Father’s Day in September. Also in Australian slang to “be rooted” is to be extremely tired (usually after a long day at work); also called busted or stuffed. Despite the translation differences, I can hear, through your voice, the love and respect you have for your father. Well written – thank you.

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