About the pug (I apologize in advance for this)

So you’re probably wondering about the pug.

I know.

Usually I have something to say about this animal who’s always peeing, farting or pooping on something. Usually I have a weekly update in the form of his latest shenanigans involving quests for missing cats, hitchhiking treks to oil sites, porcupine fights, poop eating, a mysteriously broken curly tail or his latest attempt at becoming a cow dog.

Usually I have a complaint about his incessant snoring.

Usually I’m trying to sell the damn thing.

Usually I’m “lovingly” annoyed.

But yesterday Husband and I were outside wandering around talking about all the projects we need to get done, throwing sticks for the dogs and contemplating the meaning of life and the man turned to me and said “Hey, you know, the pug hasn’t really had any adventures lately.”

My mind played through the list of “Pug pain-in-the-ass scenarios” and, not counting the days he sits in my office and farts incessantly while I’m trying to work, I could come up with nothing recent.


So I said, “Well, you know, he’s four now. And when a dog hits four he’s full grown.”

(And by full grown I mean one of the finer pug-like specimens in the tri-state area measuring 2.5 feet high and weighing-in at 48 pounds of pure agility, athleticism and muscle).

“Yeah,” said Husband. “I guess that’s true.”

“Yeah,” said me. “Maybe the guy’s finally grown up. Maybe he doesn’t have the energy for it all any more. I mean, it takes him like a good 45 minutes to be convinced to wake up in the morning. Maybe he’s seen all he needs to see of this countryside, smelled all he could smell, chased all he could chase and ran his miles. Maybe he’s accepted he’s a pug and put his wandering, cow chasing, raccoon terrorizing, porcupine slaying days to rest. Maybe we won’t have to go out looking for him so much anymore. Maybe we can stop trying to give him away. Maybe we can stop wondering…. ”

Satisfied with my theory, I turned around to look at the newly-appointed noble creature we successfully raised through the hard times and on into the good…

And he was humping the cat…

15 thoughts on “About the pug (I apologize in advance for this)

  1. I have a fox terrier who lost an eye fighting the big dog – the foxie got up, with his eye dangling free, and still wanted to continue the fight. How did the pug lose his eye? Cat damage?

  2. You can’t be serious. muahahahahaha,the cat! Fudge me! Maybe it is time to get him a pug lady….you know, a related being that smells his farts and still loves him??? Maybe a castrated pug girlfriend to share his troubles with to keep him calm? 😉 Oh, forget what I just said, that would mean, no more stories… Well, as you were ! Cya

  3. My Cavachon has a deal with our three legged cat – He humps her and then he has to clean her ears afterward. It’s mutually beneficial for both and been going on for years! We also had a black pug growing up named Gomez. He could really clear a room with those farts – My sympathies…

  4. Jessie, I’ve written you before about our black pug (no left eye). She eight now, over weight, and has bad knees but in her prime she was just as much of a pain as your’s. And since my Boston Terrier humps Boo (our Pug) several times a day, during which Boo lays down for a nap, I wanted to let you know what our Vet said about humping. It’s a show of dominance. Suzie, the Boston, wants Boo to know she’s the dominate dog around here. So, I’m thinking your pug wants the cat to know that dog trumps cat any day of the week! Love your writing and your music, Bonnie Kraus

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