Husband’s gramma is in the hospital a few towns away. Yesterday we went to visit her.

I don’t normally talk about things like this, but I think I should because there are people in our life that we just adore and maybe we don’t tell them as much as we should.

And there are things in this life that just hurt too bad and maybe we don’t just let them hurt like we should.

And there are times you just need to sit with somebody when they are probably going to be ok, I mean, you’re optomistic,  but nobody can make any promises and all you can say is, “Oh, good to see you. You are strong. We love you. Everything’s going to be alright.”

So that’s  what Husband and I did yesterday. We went to say “Hello, good to see you, we love you,” to Gramma L., a spunky, straight-up lady who has a life story I always promised myself I’d get out of her one day.

She’s in the hospital. She’s going to be ok. There’s never a guarantee, but I believe it.

I adore her. I adore how she gets right to it. I adore how she can always find the best bargain. I adore her beautiful collection of vintage pins and the cap she always wears camping with us in the summer. I like how she writes thank-you and birthday notes and makes sure to mention she got the card on sale.

I adore her spirit.

I’ve probably never told her.

So we sat with her and talked to her about the weather and the chokecherries coming.

We talked about wood ticks and Juneberry pie. We talked about how technology is moving too fast and how she used to ride a sleigh to school with her feet on the hot coals. We talked about the house and how she’ll come and see it when she feels better.

We ordered her lunch and helped her eat it and worried when she only had a few bites.

We visited with family and caught up and got in the car and drove the three hours back to the ranch the two of us sort of quiet about it all.

And when we got home it was raining a little, but the sun was shining and so there was a faint rainbow over the hill outside the house, sneaking up on us while we were warming up some soup for a late supper.

The rainbow turned to clouds and the clouds to the most beautiful pink sunset. Everything was fresh and washed from the rain. I pulled on my boots and climbed the hill to watch the sun go down.

And while I walked I remembered what Gramma L., said about family.

Thank God for family. Thank God they love me. Thank God they come to visit. I have a lot of prayers.

I got to the top of the hill and felt a little tug of loneliness that sort of bloomed into that feeling you get when something exciting is about to happen. I imagined myself taking this walk with my child one day. A walk to go watch the sunset.

I think that would be a nice thing to do with a daughter or son.

I sat up there and watched then, I watched the sun turn the clouds orange and pink and blue and then disappear below the horizon to turn things gray.

All days end. But I loved this one and how it reminded me to slow down as it went out in a beautiful show.

To breathe.

To just love someone.

Then I remembered what Gramma L. said as we were leaving.

She told us to go and have fun. That’s what makes life great.

So I lifted my head and howled at the sky, knowing that the dogs would join in and that would make me laugh.

And it did.

The windows were open at the house below. I knew Husband could hear us.

I knew he would be laughing too.

Then I sent a little prayer up for Gramma L. and made my way inside before dark.

16 thoughts on “Howling.

  1. Your beautiful words and pictures so often refresh my soul and help me remember what is important. Your talents are very much appreciated and I wish you the best every day.

  2. How absolutely delightful and sad and wonderful and poignant. The pictures are heavenly and I can picture you on that hill with those awesome howling dogs. You’re all having some really special moments, moments that will stay in your heart for a long time. They are filled with love and wonder and sadness and joy. It’s beautiful.

  3. And don’t you think she would have just loved the howling? I sure did!

    this was the kind of post about family – life – love – and living – that makes me happy to be your reader. Thanks for telling it like it is, no fluff needed.

    hugs to you & Grandma, too

  4. That sunflower pictures I saw in the reader page, drag me to your blog. Gee, what a beautiful photos here and there. And you have such a beautiful ranch to lived. Photographer will love this ranch. And I love your photos. I copy some of your photos to keep in my computer. Thanks. I’m new in photography. I have my photography blog: Your blog give me an idea of creating a pretty interest blog. That would be a hard work. But it moving.

  5. absolutely HHHOOOOOWWWWWLLL and there is no place like western North Dakota to calm your spirit and fill you with peace. When my dad was dying – there was no hi good to see you, we know you’ll get better – I went out into the North Dakota Badlands and yelled at God about His unjust plan for this man I loved so dearly. When I told my mom what I had done, she said, “You can’t talk to God that way!” and I said, “Sure I can. Moses did, too.” So we get to yell and we get to howl and we get to love fiercely those we hold the closest. Drive the extra three hours a lot in the next days. You won’t ever regret not getting your work done because you went to Grandma.

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