Sunday Column: A Birthday

It’s birthday day today! It’s hot and muggy without even the slightest hope of a breeze and I’m eating popsicles and contemplating a birthday afternoon nap. Sounds about right for every August 25th I can remember.

And so I’m happy to report the deck was a hit, and so were the margaritas and the thirty-seven salads, the  beans, the chips and dip, the roast beef and the sweet Super Mario birthday cake my friend made.

Did you know that the first Nintendo was released in 1983?


I share a birthday with Mario.

And the moonwalk.

And Hooters.

It was a good year.

And it was a good day.

And I am grateful.

Coming Home: Whether it poured or sprinkled, birth story holds truth 
By Jessie Veeder
Fargo Forum 


5 thoughts on “Sunday Column: A Birthday

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