Sunday Column: Cleaning up the relics

Summer is over. It’s official now. And it’s North Dakota, so next comes 48 hours of glorious, crisp,  beautiful autumn…and then comes winter.

Give or take a few hours there, but you get the idea.

No, we don’t have much time now before the snow falls and buries all the projects we meant to get to when the weather was nice and warm. And so here we are in the first few days of fall and the checklist isn’t as checked as we envisioned.

It happens every year and this year is no exception, especially when we’re in the midst of this old place turning 100.

In 100 years a lot of relics get left behind in the weeds.

We went through the first phase of clean up when we began building our house in what was once the used-up vehicle section of the ranch. The first phase involved moving the old cars up to the top of the hill to await they’re final destination with junk guy.

Turns out in two summers, junk guy only really wanted the cool car with wings.

He’s not coming back for old pickups, augers, lawnmowers, dirt bikes or the three-wheeler.

No, we’ve got to find someone else to do the heavy lifting, and I’m making it my mission.

Because we’re on to the next phase. The clean up phase. The tear down and build up phase. The beautification process.

The next 100 years.

Coming Home: ‘Beautification project’ begins at the ranch
by Jessie Veeder
Fargo Forum

1 thought on “Sunday Column: Cleaning up the relics

  1. Hi Jessie, This is Paulette Tobin. I used to be arts & entertainment reporter at the Grand Forks Herald. I’m still in GF, no longer at the Herald. Just saw you on Prairie Mosaic! and was glad to see you are writing music and singing. I’ve started reading your blog again. Just wanted to say hello and wish you the best. I hope you will get back to GF one of these days to perform. My bucket list includes the intention to start taking photos again. Any advice or blogs you would recommend? Best wishes always, pt

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