Sunday Column: What it means to be my sister…


There are many best parts of living back at the ranch.

The familiarity of it all, the nostalgia of the things that surrounded me as a kid growing up wild.

Watching the sunrise out the big windows in the morning and the deer come out from the trees to water in the dam.

Endless trails, endless unexpected adventures.

Endless expected adventures.

And endless ways to test my patience, my capabilities, my creativity and my muscles.

But the best is simple.

The best is that I’m surrounded by all of these things…the big blue sky, the old oak trees, the bullberries, the tall grass, the big red barn, the cattle and the horses in the hills.

I’m surrounded by these things that I love, but I love them even more because I’m also surrounded by family.

And family, above all of it, is our greatest gift.

Coming Home: “Miss Veeder” once more with sister back in town
by Jessie Veeder
Fargo Forum

3 thoughts on “Sunday Column: What it means to be my sister…

  1. Excellent. I think about my childhood home, the huge forest we played in and all the fun times. I’d like to go back to those woods and just walk around. Actually I do go back quite often but those woods are now houses with patches of the trees still there. My mother lives in one of those houses so I guess in a way when I spend time in her house I am spending time in those woods. 🙂

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