Winter’s a s**thead and then I had a flashback…

Somewhere in Montana…

Well we made it back from our road trip, dropped our bags at the bottom of the stairs in our cozy and messy house and proceeded to be welcomed by a slap across the face we have come to know as reality.

Work piled up in our inboxes.

Bills in the mail.

Closet unfurled from last week’s haphazard packing debacle.

Garbage strewn across yard from an unwelcome raccoon (or pug or lab) shaped scavenger.

And winter. Winter being a shithead. 

Pug in snow

“Septic tank’s frozen again.”

These are the messages I get when I’m in town trying to be civilized.


“Heading to the big town to pick up a snake and a pressure washer and (something else that I didn’t catch because I was thinking about where I might shower that night) because if you want something done you’ve got to do it yourself around here…”

You know I know this better than anyone.

Great, now I’m having a flashback…

Phew, that was exhausting…

Anyway…last month when the arctic air whipped the trees around this place it shot the temperature down to -60 and apparently that’s too cold for a successful potty drain, so we called someone to come out and save us, and, well, I guess Husband learned something. Because last night I arrived home in the dark and he was out there in sub-zero temperatures unplugging whatever was plugged.

And he was successful. Thank God he was successful. I had to pee.

Husband is my hero.


My wall-building, chandelier-hanging, power-tool-toting, tile-placing, ladder-climing,  potty pumping hero.


God I miss summer.

14 thoughts on “Winter’s a s**thead and then I had a flashback…

  1. Winter threw us a bit of a curve ball this morning, dropping down to 19 degrees and dumping a bit of snow in the Casacade foothills of the Willamette Valley. Nothing, however, compared to what you all get for weather out there!

  2. -60 degrees? I am such an east coast wimp. I will never complain about bring cold again! It was so great meeting you and getting your story on camera. More to come, and you Dave an open invitation to visit anytime!

    Warmly, Barb

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  3. Thanks for putting winter in to the proper perspective. Here in central Texas, we’ve been feeling glum dealing with a winter that has stunned even the old timers. Many days it doesn’t get out of the 20s, and the wind chills have taken us below zero. Needless to say, we’re not ready for that here. Pipes and well pumps freeze, even the birds seem to shiver at the feeders, and folks just don’t know how to drive in the snow and black ice. I’ve got cabin fever!

    Stay warm and keep blogging! Love reading your posts and seeing the photos of your little spot of heaven.

  4. I so feel your comments on winter and living through it..existing through the dark time… makes me want to go in my closet and hug my summer clothes .. I miss them so………….

  5. I hear you completely. Having our pipes frozen and broken and driving on ice and snow everyday. Watching my husband get out and feed the cows and goats in zero degree temperatures….. just about had enough of this winter. On to Spring I say.

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