Spring is…

Sometimes the day is so lovely, you just have to go out in it.

Sometimes the moon shows up before the sun goes down and lines up just right in the blue sky hovering peacefully over golden grass.

Grass that was hiding under all that snow, snow that’s melting because it’s 50 degrees ABOVE zero now, so you decide to pull on your muck boots and splash around in it a little, feeling so good you don’t even mind the little hole in the right one that lets the water in to soak your socks.

It doesn’t matter. It’s summer now.

Your feet don’t get cold in the summer.

And you took your camera, because you need to document what a beautiful mess it all is when the thaw comes.

You need to photograph those tiny bubbles.

You need to capture those trees standing nice and tall and straight.

You must preserve the memory of that rushing water cutting its way through the stubborn ice in the shade of the valley.

You have to show everyone, shout it so they can hear you above the babbling streams…

“Spring is springing!”

“Spring is springing!”

“Spring is…”


Dammit dog!

If it’s peace and tranquility I’m looking for out there…well…

Happy thaw out everyone!

16 thoughts on “Spring is…

    • My father was commissioned by the state to haul the elk into ND from Yellowstone in about 1940…..Maas Transport from Killdeer. People came from all over western ND to see them before they were turned out into the Killdeer Mtns. I’m thrilled to see they are still there. I grew up there but never had the eye for beauty you have found…hoarfrost on wire, tiny flowers popping through the snow, cowboy Christmas. Your photography is superb!

  1. I am so grateful spring is springing. My thoughts are turning to what to plant, what flowers to put where… Beautiful photos!

  2. Made the mistake of reading this during a meeting and then had to not laugh out loud when I got to the picture of your dog!! So awesome!! Happy Spring!!! Love your photos and your writing!

  3. Great photos! We are so happy to welcome spring on our farm! While the mud is messy, it is better than snow! 🙂 The picture of your dog makes me laugh. Too funny!

  4. Yes, This year it was unusually warm where I live in Northern California. This is the first year ever that I haven’t been able to snow ski because there was no snow 😦

  5. I grew up in North Dakota in the ’50’s. Best memories: snow, tobogganing in the moonlight, good schools, good, caring people, peace and quiet…..sound of birds and frogs in Spring, Worst: MOSQUITOES!

    I love your column.

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