A conversation with Husband…

Scene: Spring cleaning outside the construction site that is our home. We live in the middle of a coulee filled with oak and ash trees and their bare, fallen branches gave me an idea…

And now, for a quick conversation with Husband:

Me: There sure are a lot of fallen trees around here.

Him: Yup.

Me: Hey, wouldn’t these trees make a great rail fence?

Him: Yup.

Me: I mean, think of the money we’d save!  All the supplies we need are right in our backyard.

Him: Better go get your ax.

Me: Why do I halfta use an ax? Why can’t I use a chainsaw?

Him: Because a chainsaw doesn’t build strength and character does it?

Me: I’ve got enough character…

Him: And also, if I gave you a chainsaw, you’d find a way to chop your own head off…

Me: ……

End Scene. 

Horse frustration

And that, ladies and gentlemen is, how you crush dreams.


6 thoughts on “A conversation with Husband…

  1. I grew up in Baker Mt. , but ended up very long ago a oil rigger in Long Beach , Ca. my sister still lives in Crane, Mt and my brother and nephews in Killdeer, and Dickinson ND. I have just discovered & love your photos, music & blog. When do get a chance to rest !!!!! LOL………
    Thank u for what you do……………..Hugs Airbob in LB, Ca

  2. Oh, I hear you! Even though my husband gave me an electric chain saw for Christmas several years ago (my request :-)), I would have to but so much protective gear to use it safely (his request :-/), that it killed all my motivation…maybe I will have to take another look at that! Thanks.

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