Happy Birthday Pops!

We’re celebrating Pops’ birthday today.

We’re putting up a tent and tapping a keg and setting up the instruments. His brother is coming, his cousins and our cousins and his sister too. My grandparents and my mom’s sister from Arizona. Our neighbors and friends and buddies from the band and we’re going to celebrate and we’re not going to give a shit if it rains.

Pops hasn’t cursed the rain a day in his life.

And what a life to celebrate.

Every day is a gift under this sky. Don’t we know it.

Every day is a gift.

And today is a beautiful one.

Dierks Bentley-Beautiful World (Featuring Patty Griffin)


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Pops!

  1. The best of all wishes to your Dad on his birthday, Jessie. It sounds like a wonderful celebration. Blessings to all 🙂

  2. What a lovely tribute to your dad! I love the photos and the song you posted. Not a country music girl but maybe I’ll give him a listen. It truly is a beautiful world! Thanks for sharing! Peace

  3. After the “big scare” you all deserve a wonderful day. I especially like the first picture of your dad as I remember him–Wayne and Jeff, too.

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