Jessie Veeder-“Boomtown”-Official Music Video

And now for the video!

The premier of the music video for my song “Boomtown” happens today! I hope it give your a glimpse into the some of the stories hanging around Boomtown. I am so happy and excited to have this out in the world.

Thanks to Nolan with Quantum Productions and to those willing to share their stories with us that day.

Please pass it along!

5 thoughts on “Jessie Veeder-“Boomtown”-Official Music Video

  1. That is a great video, and a great song, Jesse! A real tribute to your talents and your town. I will help let people know it is out there for viewing.

    Looks like WordPress snuck in a formatting character on Quantum Production’s link, so it didn’t work.

  2. Jessie, I love the video. It’s great to see your music out in the world in this way. I just watched a Lisa Ling documentary about the oil boom in North Dakota. The scope and sheer size of it all, incredible! Can only imagine what it must be like trying to adjust to change of this magnitude within your communities.

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