Spring in Winter.


While the east coast braced themselves for a winter storm that was promising to be so epic they actually gave it a name, North Dakotans were out in shorts and tank tops watching the January snow turn into mud in 50+ degree weather.


The weather this week has been so gloriously warm that it is starting to freak us all out a little bit. I mean, we’re definitely grateful, and we definitely know that a good ‘ol ND winter cold snap is coming again soon, but it’s a little eerie to have summer-like temperatures in the middle of winter. We feel like maybe we’re being tricked.

We look at each other and say, well, we’re going to pay for this later aren’t we?


But what the hell. For once, we’re on the warm side of the weather news up here in the tundra, so you can bet we went out and made the most of it.

And by making the most of it, I mean, scraping all of the ice and snow off of our driveway and marveling at the fact that it’s no longer a skating rink/hip-breaking zone…for now anyway. And then opening up the garage doors and sweeping and rearranging and building steps and wiring…

And while Husband was doing all that, I decided to take a 4-wheeler ride up to the fields where I knew I would find the horses.

IMG_4390 IMG_4387 IMG_1520

I’m still battling the cold of the year, my theory being that all of the germs have thawed out and traveled to my lungs to torture me, so I definitely wasn’t walking anywhere…or sweeping anything…or holding any boards…or helping my dearly beloved do anything useful.

Nope. Too sick.

But not too sick to pull my beanie down over my ears and head for the hills on a motorized vehicle, the dogs and I kicking up mud as we followed the road up to the flat.

IMG_1506 IMG_1511 IMG_4391

Up here the weather is a freak, so even with the plague, I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to feel some warm sunshine on my shoulders, because I know full well I might not have another chance for a while, memories of last winter’s months long sub-zero deep freeze are still pretty vivid.

And while I’m hoping for more snow before the summer rolls in, it was nice to see the golden grass and feel the warm air for a bit.

IMG_1610 IMG_1616

And it was nice to see the boys, content and fat and fuzzy and full of burs up there in the fields munching and chill as they let the same sun warm their backs.


IMG_1584 IMG_1564  IMG_1597 IMG_1528  IMG_1556 IMG_1550 IMG_1548

I mean, they were so relaxed that none of them really attempted to drop-kick Gus out of their way as he sniffed and frolicked around them, getting to know these creatures he’ll be riding with this summer.

IMG_1537 IMG_1573 IMG_1591

I think maybe these horses feel like they’re on a tropical winter vacation up here in these fields…all you can eat buffet…warm weather…no work to be done for months.

IMG_1530 IMG_1599 IMG_4401 IMG_4414


IMG_1570 IMG_1527

Ah, winter, if you stayed like this for a while I think we could all manage just fine.

But before you make any real commitments, why don’t you go ahead and send one more freeze to kill off this bug and a big snow to get my sledding hill ready, to fill up the creeks and dams and nourish the wildflowers and grass for spring.

Not that I don’t appreciate the break, but, you know, winter we all have a job to do up here…and you’re laid back attitude is sorta freaking us out…

IMG_1603 IMG_1602 IMG_1605 IMG_1608 IMG_1599

10 thoughts on “Spring in Winter.

  1. Stunning photos! and it looks like similar weather to what we have been experiencing up in Alberta, Canada recently. There are a few photos on my own blog if you are interested. P.S. Loved the shot of dog prints on your jeans.

  2. I love this post! The warm is making me equal parts happy and freaked out as well:) And your pictures, I know you have great content to work with and everything but your pictures always look so amazing.

  3. It is pretty warm here in NE Kansas too today. It was warmer outside than inside so I opened up a few south windows to warm up the house, Go figure. And you are right. I think you and us are going to pay for the nice weather. Have a great rest of the week. 🙂

  4. Beautiful pictures Jessie! I love your blog ~ am always excited when I see a new post! Do the “oil pumpers” belong to your family? I hope so!! It sure has been a brown winter but, like you said, we know we will get snow!!

  5. Hi..Jessie……Once again, I feel like I have travelled from my own cozy corner, here in California, to enjoy the life you share…….Always love your writdings, whether it be about your trips to Nashville, your vacation or your beautiful countryside….I loved seeing those beautiful horses……Dont see many here, in my neighborhood. We do have Robins, Doves, Seagulls and plenty of family dogs……People here, have gone to having an extra dog, so their dog has a companion, to having 3 dogs……So…thats it from beautiful Benicia……by the bay……a friend…….of your grandma Ginny…

  6. Such beautiful warm images. I love the fun, the colours, the open spaces and (my favourite) horses in this post. Quite a contrast to some of the ice scenes at the moment in other states! I hope you are feeling better soon! I’m also struggling with a chest infection even though it’s summer in Australia.

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