Sunday Column: On diapers and carseats and general panic…

Last week I received this text from a friend.

Little did she know that I already have that part down.

It’s all I’ve been doing lately. I mean between the Parenting magazine I got delivered for a cent an issue because I bought maternity leggings at a pregnant lady store, the daily reminders from (notarealwebsite) or whatever that I am now at 25 weeks and should be thinking about painting a nursery or taking another picture of my growing belly or deciding what kind of nursing bra I should wear and, of course, all the time I’ve spent on searching for the safest/cheapest/best/most stylish diapers/cribs/blankets/socks/onsies/carseats/strollers I am fully convinced that

A. Almost everything that I buy is either going to make my baby’s head flat


2. There is no one product anyone can agree on when it comes to keeping a baby completely safe, unless it is a full body helmet, which I haven’t come across yet in all my time spent on Amazon, but I’m sure it’s out there being invented by some nervous mother as I type…


III. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 1.56.50 PM

See what I’m saying?! Terrifying.

Yes, I have to say that all this access to information via the world wide web, talk radio and whatever morning news show I happen to catch is getting to me. I am at information overload and the only thing that’s keeping me sane is the actual human to human connections I have with moms who have done this before.

I tell you, their advice is way less scary and confusing. Because it’s mostly this: “You can’t plan for everything because it will all hit the fan and you are going to be just fine…as long as you have diapers…”



Deep breath.

And so that’s where my head was when I wrote this column last week. It was swarming with product reviews and advice and a constant prayer up to the sky for a little guidance on raising a happy, healthy baby…

Because I screw a lot of things up. Most things actually. I’m impatient and I don’t pay attention because I am impatient and my mind is always wandering and I’m not like those moms who were just born knowing the right way to hold and bounce a baby or with a strong tolerance for boogers and snot.

Boogers and snot are like my one aversion and as far as I’ve learned so far babies come with an unending supply of boogers and snot…

Yes, I’m awkward and worried this won’t come so naturally…and that I will run out of diapers like I run out of toilet paper…unexpectedly and in the middle of nowhere…

So diapers. I should be focusing on diapers…


Coming Home: New baby’s happiness won’t depend on stuff.
by Jessie Veeder
Forum Communications

I listen to a lot of talk radio. It drones through the speakers while I sit behind the wheel of my car on my way to town or to a show or to the grocery store and back. 

If you need an opinion, you will find it out there on the airwaves. Tune your ears to the universe, to the World Wide Web, to the TV or radio and you’ve got an answer, hundreds of different answers, no matter what answer you want.

And today I’m feeling overwhelmed by it all. Because it’s making me feel like I have no idea what I’m doing.

I mean, just because we’ve been planning on having children for seven years doesn’t mean we’ve spent seven years figuring out the safest car seat, the best all-terrain stroller with built-in cooled and heated cup holders, the baby swing that won’t flatten out her head and the best and most certain ways to ensure our child’s chance at becoming a millionaire so when she has a child of her own she can afford all of the stuff that apparently we need to raise a kid these days.

I’m spending half of my time frantic to know everything and the other half annoyed that everyone’s overthinking it.

I see a baby bathtub I like, read the online reviews and find out it’s not big enough, soft enough and doesn’t come with the Jetson-style auto baby scrubber that you need, therefore it’s crap and it will make your baby’s head flat (I’ve found that’s a running theme).

Didn’t my mom just wash me in the kitchen sink next to the noodle strainer?

I’m not the president or anything, but did I not live and thrive despite having a childhood void of a surveillance security system in my nursery?

When we get down to it, all this stuff is just a means to a common end result — to raise happy, healthy babies into happy, healthy adults.

And if I’m not mistaken, happy healthy adults existed back before they invented the wipe warmer or DVR.

Which brings me back to all that talk radio I’ve been listening to, because last week the word “happiness” was being discussed at length; how we lack it, how to achieve it, how to help our kids find it.

It was interesting timing because the day before my friend and I were visiting about how different it will be for us to raise our own children in a time when everything’s so structured. Your kid wants to play hockey? He better be on skates as soon as he learns to walk. She wants to dance? Buy her jazz shoes and schedule private weekend lessons. Because if they don’t start honing their skills early, they won’t be successful, and doesn’t success equal happiness?

The lady on the radio chimed in to answer that question. She said when she thinks of childhood happiness she thinks of playing in the backyard, having parents that laughed, listened and made her feel safe, and free time to lay back on the lawn and ask questions about the clouds.

While the two of us were thousands of miles and generations apart, it was one of the first relatable and reasonable things I’d heard on the airwaves in a while.

She didn’t mention one thing about the stuff we need or the plans we must make to get us there. I could have reached through the radio to hug her.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I remember my favorite book and the day I got my first 10-speed bike. I remember those things making me happy, but only because that book meant a bedtime story from my big sister, and that bike meant I could go have adventures with my best friend up the hill.

And I liked basketball and 4-H and most of the other structured experiences that helped grow me up, but I liked them sprinkled in with spontaneous water fights and mom’s lasagna at night.

You know what I don’t remember? The color of my crib bedding or if my mom used a fancy bottle steamer sanitizer thingy.

So I think I’ll buy a couple of cotton onesies, turn off the radio, take a walk and continue on this happiness quest.


11 thoughts on “Sunday Column: On diapers and carseats and general panic…

  1. That “boogers and snot” aversion…. bet you never realized what a connection you had to the Saudi Royal Family. Have you ever noticed how in every photo of one of them sitting down there is a huge box of Kleenex under a fancy box on a table by their chairs? It seems each one has their own big box of nose wipes at hand. Always.

  2. Ask Grandma, or great grandma, if you are so lucky to still have one alive ! I sewed diapers for my kids ! Then there was that unpleasant job of cleaning, soaking, washing etc of those flannel-like diapers. Enjoy your pregnancy…..Joan Thom

  3. Hi Jessie, I have been reading your delightful blog for a while now, and it seems to me that you have everything you need to bring up a happy and healthy child. Sure, there will always be things to get, and they have to be as safe and comfy as possible. But what comes through, across thousands of kilometres (and what I love about your blog) is that you cherish the world you live in. You cherish the physical environment of your place, enjoying it and the creatures that live on it in all seasons. You obviously loved your upbringing and had the freedom to grow into a happy young woman. And it seems to me that you are surrounded by people whom you love, and they love you back. Everyone must be over the moon about this new little one of yours. So you have the values, the love and the role models to bring up a happy and healthy child. You don’t need stuff — and I am sure that you know this! Enjoy it all.

  4. The only advice I have is: use disposable diapers (not cloth). Otherwise, the lady on the radio has it right, in my humble opinion. It’s going to be different than you think it will be. That’s how it is for everyone!!! You and your husband are going to be great parents!

  5. The best thing you can do is to stop reading all of that worrisome stuff. Your mom will be your best friend/advisor/clear headed rock. Babies don’t need stuff, they just need lots of love. Lots and lots of love . You’ll be a great mom. Patti Jacobs, grampa Bill’s step-sister


  6. Here’s my advice: when you feel the urge to pick them up and cuddle them, do it. Do it even when they’re wriggling toddlers and squirming 2nd graders. Do it. Because in 2 minutes they’ll be too cool for hugs and you’ll be standing there in the mall, empty-armed, thinking what the h*ll just happened? (( they come back and get hugs again later, my 2 babies are both over 6′ tall and their hugs enfold me now ))

    and my Mom says this: Kids spell love t-i-m-e. 🙂

    ❤ Auntie MJ

  7. Mostly it is just stuff. What babies/kids NEED is you. Most of that stuff just gets in the way. But… You do NEED diapers. And if you have some cloth ones you will never run out. The best advice comes from the women in your life and the best part is that they are not just trying to sell you something!

  8. I cant believe how worried you are about after the baby comes…..I’m 38 1/2 weeks and all I worry about is HOW the baby is getting into the world…. I wish I had your mindset and instead avoid the last 3 months of freaking out about the only one way this is going to end ( the freaking out changes nothing about your situation). As for me, I’m stocked with adorable cloth diapers from bum genius and rumparoozs.

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