Oh Christmas Card, Oh Christmas Card

Well, every year I go through it. The great Christmas Card debacle. 

Most years it’s because I can’t find one single photo of the two of us where I’m not making a strange face, wearing a weird hat or holding a drink not appropriate for the celebration of Christ’s birth.


Last year the thought of another Christmas Card made me contemplative– sad for the things we lost and grateful for what we have.

This year with little Edie hanging out in her bassinet by the Christmas tree, you would think I would have jumped on the Christmas Card order right away, anxious to get the photos of our little bundle out to the world, announcing her arrival.

But it turns out she’s created another Christmas debacle entirely.

I mean.


IMG_7440 copy



IMG_7547 copy


I spent two days taking photos of her and the next week staring at her when she’s awake, and when she’s sleeping or with her dad, I spend the rest of my time looking at photos of her.

IMG_7577 copy

Finally I called in my husband to help me make a damn decision.

He was no help at all. Except he said he was going to sit there with me until I decided…until I made the damn order.

Because at the rate I was going we were going to miss the Easter card deadline.

Ah well, I’m happy as hell for this to be my hardest life decision as of late.

IMG_7586 copy

I know things with a newborn can change on a dime, but so far, besides the cold her momma contracted in the second week, this kid has been nice and predictable, eating like a champ, packing on the pounds and pooping/burping/sleeping at the right times.

(Well, except for the few times she’s literally pooped in my hand…but I’ve learned my lesson…to give her a little space to grunt in out before going in).

So there’s that.


And that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing…talking about pooping/burping/sleeping/eating…

Edie B&W 2

And welcoming all her visitors.


Decorating the tree.


And ordering gifts and supplies from Amazon.

Good thing my FedEx guy likes making this trip, because he’s been making it every day.

If anyone needs boxes, I’m your girl.

And if you need me, I’ll be in my sweatpants staring at my baby.


Merry Christmas from our little family.

IMG_7711 copy

17 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Card, Oh Christmas Card

  1. Um, when *haven’t* you talked about pooping/burping/sleeping/eating? 😉 Haha! Only now, you have an adorable little excuse to do so and it doesn’t seem quite as awkward. I don’t know how you’ll ever choose one of those darling pics of your gorgeous babe, but whatever you choose I have no doubt that it will be the best Christmas card ever! Parenting looks good on you guys!

  2. You picked the right pic, and the right caption – “our little Family”. Congrats & Merry ‘first family Christmas’.

  3. Jessie, for many Christmas seasons I’ve been sad to not have my own babies to celebrate it with. And while I still don’t, I’m celebrating that you do and that maybe next year, it will be different for me to. Blessings!

  4. Short of sending everyone a photo album, I think you just need to close your eyes and point!!! She is adorable in every picture. So very happy she is yours! Merry Christmas!

  5. As God has proven time after time, some things are worth waiting for. Loved the photo album. Merry Christmas from my house to your house and all that live within.

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