Eleven times thankful.

Edie turned 11 months old on the 24th.


Last year, on Thanksgiving, we brought her home from the hospital as the most thankful people on the planet.

IMG_6855 copy

This year on Thanksgiving we will celebrate her 1 year birthday. Funny how we thought we couldn’t be more thankful than when she was tiny and fresh and new to us. Well I’m here to tell you that it just gets better. It really does.

And today I’m eleven times more thankful than I was the day she was born.

On Thanksgiving, as we celebrate one year of a life with Edie in it, I can’t get over how grateful I am to know that this adoration I have for this squirmy, funny, busy, hilarious, beautiful spirit will just keep growing.

What a gift.

6 thoughts on “Eleven times thankful.

  1. What a Blessing Edie is–thanks for sharing about your lives. I enjoy your blogs and column in The Forum very much. We heard a sermon recently about maximizing the gifts God has given us. You certainly have a gift for writing and making music, and I am very thankful that you share it with us the way you do. You were at Kindred recently for a concert and met a friend of mine, Michele Hillman. She and her husband have a little girl, Leah, about Edie’s age. I am sure you two Moms had a lot to talk about. I grew up on a farm with cattle and enjoy the way you share life on your ranch with riding horses and rounding up cattle. That is so neat. Our grandson, Jake, is the Place Kicker for the Shanley Deacon Football Team. Watford City comes to Fargo this Saturday for a Playoff Game. I hope Jake gets a kick out of it–may the best team win. God’s Blessings to you and your family!

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