We’re thawing out a bit out here after a string of frozen days. Looks like the foreseeable future will be quite a few degrees above zero and that lifts our spirits a bit.

I’m ready for spring (and lets, be honest, that Jamaican vacation) and this baby’s ready to get outside and try out her new running skills without the cumbersome giant marshmallow snowsuit I made her wear last week when we went out feeding cows.


But the kid doesn’t seem to mind. As long as we’re out doing stuff and seeing stuff and chatting about it, she’s happy.


Feeding cows is a chore she likes to help with. And since the snow has melted a little and we can feed with the pickup instead of the tractor, we can go along again.


I’ve always loved the way the cows look coming in for feed, in a black (and now some brown) line in the white snow. It’s like moving, breathing art (and hungry) to me.


Art that says “Moo!”

7 thoughts on “Moo.

  1. I enjoy all your great pictures and words of wisdom. It is fun to see the livestock too. Keep up the good work–you are a Blessing to many people. Soon the calves will start coming–a great time of year–I hope all goes well!

  2. Jesse……I have been following your column for some time. It is so nice to find a quiet and peaceful place here after reading the day’s news. Reminds me to realize peace does exist if only in pockets. Thank you so much for such good reading…..makes me wanna curl up with the “Little House” books and ignore all the nastiness.

  3. Hi Jessie, Yesterday we were on our way to Bismarck. It was east of Bismarck, a little before noon, when a black pickup with a black trailer that said, BOOMTOWN, on the back passed us. Was that you? Just wondering if you and your band were on your way home from a performance? I hope your week will go well!

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