Her own eyes.


This is how they look when they both say “cheese.” It’s unreal, sometimes, the familiarities you catch in your child as she grows up.

It’s one of the curiosities of parenthood,  wondering what qualities you might find of yourself in them along the way.

My daughter has my husband’s smile.


And his fearlessness, his bravery and confidence.

And the blonde hair of his youth.

She has my spirit I think. My musical heartbeat, my humor.

She shares our love for dirt and grass and sky and all things nature.


But she has her own eyes. Blue and unexpected.


I want to say, if I could keep her this age forever, I would. But it wouldn’t be fair to hold her back from all the wonders of growing up.


I just wish I could save her from the heartache parts.

And I wish we all just had more time…

Version 3

I used to believe in forever, but now I think forever is too short.”
– Winnie the Pooh


8 thoughts on “Her own eyes.

  1. Jess, Our son Jamie is 45 yrs old. Our one and only. In my minds eye I can recall those unique qualities you see in youth that last a life time.
    Our crooked smile to the right, our humor, our can do it against all odds approach. My husband laughs as he realizes what hes up against. And of course Jamie can build, create, and fix anything. Got that from watching his pops and a thousand or so Leggos.
    Jamie also has an independant streak a mile wide. Dale and I can give advise but are greeted with a crooked smile as he makes it his own. And better.
    Put it all together and guess what youve got ….. a whole human being with collective good and bad traits of ours and a few new tricks of his own. Independance and unique thinking is a gift, I hope we fostered it, Because I cherish and am so proud of who he is.
    Thanks for honoring it!!

  2. Beautiful photos, perfect light and even more perfect subjects! Only now you NEED to post a pic of your whole dress, because it is looks gorgeous and I NEED to see it. That is all. Please and thank you 🙂

  3. You bring such joy to my life by sharing these wonder moments of pure love. With my kids fully grown and now my great grandkids, I treasure my times with them. You are doing such a good thing for all of us Thanks!

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