Keeping the spirit.


It’s been a long week at the ranch. I’m not going to lie. We’re still holding our breath, waiting to hear that dad’s condition is improving, but with this sickness, it’s one step forward and one (or two or three) steps back. But we’re trying to stay positive.

And we’re leaning on our family and community.

And we’re trying to keep the traditions and spirit of the season surrounding us, not just for our babies, but to lighten our own hearts.

This week we decorated the Christmas tree with baby Rosie rocking in her swing while her big sister declared everything to be so “bootiful.”

On Sunday we attended our rural church’s Christmas program and were surrounded by the love of our neighbors and the light of these innocent little children who are absolutely cherished.


Rosalee was Baby Jesus #5 and Edie was a lamb, who wouldn’t perform until the woman in charge gave her a microphone. And so she was declared my daughter (as if it wasn’t already apparent).


And I was determined then to keep that Christmas theme up for the rest of the day and so we baked Christmas cookies.


Little Sister and baby Ada brought us the kind that come out of a refrigerated tube and they turned out imperfect and ugly.  Edie spent a good hour shaking sprinkles on her one special cookie, and she was delighted by the whole thing while I frosted the rest and Little Sister worked to keep Ada’s little fingers away from the frosting. But it was something to keep our hands busy while we tried to quiet our minds from the worry.

The worry’s always with us. But this season especially, I’m trying my best to dig deep and stay calm and believe in better days to come.

It’s something I know now that my parents have done for us in our lives when loss and sickness and uncertain times have knocked on their door. I know now what it’s like to want to curl up and cry, but there’s breakfast to make, diapers to change, Jingle Bells to sing and babies to rock.

Because this is life. And it can glow and sting all at once…

Before Rosie arrived I wanted to hold her safe in my womb until our lives were put back in place the way she deserved them to be when she entered this world, as if I had control of such things.


Now I know better. To be simultaneously happy and terrified is exhausting, but we needed her here with us, to keep us busy, to make us smile and to patch the aching parts of our hearts up with hope.

Last weekend we loaded up the pickup with the girls, my little sister and baby niece to take a drive across the ranch looking for a wild cedar to cut for our Christmas tree. This is a ritual we started with Dad when we were just little girls, and it felt good to be out there, working to keep in the tradition of the holiday. We rolled and bumped slowly along prairie trails and fence lines, stopping to watch a herd of elk cut through a clearing and up along the horizon.


“Look at that Edie,” we exclaimed. “Look at the elk!”

“Ohh,” she replied, her eyes wide with wonder before turning to me and asking, “But where are the hippos?”

And sitting side my side the cab of the pickup, dressed up warm for a long, cold season, our frazzled nerves were calmed for a moment as we all let the air out of our lungs and laughed.

And I said a quiet prayer of thanks for these children who remind us to keep breathing.

Today I can do nothing but be thankful for our little lights.


16 thoughts on “Keeping the spirit.

  1. Jessie

    Sorry to here about your father.  But the most important question now is does your father know the Lord?  Does he believe in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior?


  2. Your father is still in my thoughts and prayers, Jessie. Hopefully he will come home to you and your family before long.

    You have two beautiful children! Wishing you and your family a beautiful Christmas season.

  3. Thank you, Jesse, for sharing your family’s journey, especially the complicated part you’re in now. It is a reminder that this life is filled with challenges and perfect moments and focusing on the perfect moments is the best way to live through the challenges. What a lovely Christmas gift to see your children ‘making merry’ – thank you for the pictures, the words, the new life and the sharing of it all.

  4. What precious bundles of joy you have! It’s been a delight to see these pics of them.
    I know it’s been difficult for you and your family right now, but you’re doing the right thing
    keeping your family close to home. Your folks, I’m sure, wouldn’t want it any other way.

    I pray every day for your dad. Would he be a candidate for a pancreas transplant?
    I thank God every day for the miracle I received three years ago of a liver and kidney.
    So, don’t give up hope. God is good. He’s listening to our prayers for your father.

    Keep the Spirit alive and Merry Christmas to You All!

    Terri Greene

  5. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Thank You for sharing your Beautiful Life, for it truly touches our hearts. “May the light of truth overcome all the darkness.”

  6. Prayers to you and your family at this difficult time. I, too, have spent holidays at a hospital bedside..its a tough place to be! Hoping your dad’s recovery starts soon, and thank you for the beautiful photos. I love your blog and your Fargo Forum column.

  7. Yes, you needed her here.

    Before reading those words further down in your post that’s exactly what I thought seeing the pictures and reading the story — you needed her here.

    Merry Christmas

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