Northern Lights

As I write this, the plane dad’s taking to get him home from a three month stint fighting for his life is likely landing on this frozen tundra of a place. He won this battle, and four years ago at the beginning of a frigid January, he miraculously won another one, when a valve in his heart tore open and, against all odds, he made it home.

I wrote Northern Lights, a tribute to his will to live, in the passenger seat of a long drive home that winter, watching the lights of the aurora bounce and dance across the back sky, offering a flicker of hope in the longest, coldest season.

Dad and I recorded the song in Nashville the following year and have played it at select shows since its release.

For some reason, it’s taken almost three full winters to finish and release this video. How fitting, on his homecoming, it is ready to be shared today.

Welcome home Dad. May you live to be that old cowboy they said you’d be.

11 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. What wonderful news! Guessing your dad is as excited to be home as his family is excited to have him there! Prayers and blessings as he begins his recovery and rehabilitation. New calves, growing grandkids and the promise of Spring will certainly be his best “medicine”!

  2. Absolutely beautiful video along with the song. I am so glad your dad is home. May his healing process continue to make him stronger.

  3. Praise the Lord for healing your father. What a sweet time when he’s together again with his family. The video and your singing was beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  4. PTL I had a close relationship with my dad too. We rode horses together, and understood what we both needed. Such a blessing for that to continue your relationship now with his home-coming.God bless every moment you share. Beautiful song and wonderful message. You have such a gift. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  5. I love the song!!! Im trying to imagine how your Dad will be feeling when he puts his feet once again on Veeder ground!!! So overjoyed for all of you!! Miracles do happen and you]r family, kids and Dad are living proof!!! Keep it up dear heart!!

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