Are there anymore real Cowboys video premier

I’m excited to share the premier of the “Are there anymore real cowboys” video featuring historic and present day footage of real working ranches and cowboys and cowgirls across the state of North Dakota. North Dakota ranchers are a special breed, enduring and caring for the land and livestock in extreme conditions. It’s not always glamorous, but it’s worth it.

Special thanks to the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame and JJ’s Photos (Judy Jacobson) for access to cowboy photos and footage, and to the Levang family for letting us film in your old orrals. Thank you Ken Howie and Tess for helping making my vision come to life.

Purchase the full length album “Playing Favorites” or download the song wherever you get music.

1 thought on “Are there anymore real Cowboys video premier

  1. Jessie–I admire you so much for pushing through all that life has thrown at you. You are a strong woman! I am lucky enough to have experienced much of the ranch work shown in the video. I took part in sorting, branding, castrating and vaccinating calves on the Kranzler ranch in the Black Hills in South Dakota in 1960. At the end of the day, Mrs. Kranzler had a special treat for us as part of supper……..Rocky Mountain Oysters. My first taste of them and man, were they good! At a farm/ranch between Fargo and West Fargo I helped break horses and tend cattle and sheep. Once in awhile, the son from the farm/ranch and I would take off on horseback for the weekend, camping out somewhere. I helped show Shetlands and horses for the Barnes Ranch at the Red River Valley Fair in the 1960s. I consider myself very lucky to have experienced a bit of “the old days.” I enjoyed it all and I know it helped make me a better person. Hope you and yours have a blessed Merry Christmas!

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